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Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Adieu" Grey Dey Thursdey....

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing I will no longer be hosting “Grey Dey Thursdey.”  I have enjoyed seeing all of your lovely “shades of grey” and hope you all will continue to see the beauty that this sometimes overlooked color can add to your havens. 

Happy Grey Dey to you all Mes Amies!



  1. Sigh...I will miss those grey deys my friend. I wasn't always able to post some grey, and even was about to 'sneak' one in today, but it is a difficult color to find each week. Maybe you should take over the White Wednesday (hee hee)?
    Miss you and hope you're almost done with those school accounts! xoxo

  2. I totally agree with Susan!! You should host White Wednesday, please think about it...please?

  3. That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor ideas. I'll be back to read more in the future.
    DIY natural fabric dye

  4. I am so bummed! Grey Dey Thursdey and White Wednesday both gone. Well, thank you for all of the grey inspiration you have given me and you also made me absolutely love the color grey. Have a wonderful day sweet Michelle!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  5. Hosting a party is very time consuming so I know we all understand. I'm loving following you on IG though! Seeing all your pretty treasures is so much fun:) You're seriously the mirror whisperer, I've never seen so many beautiful mirrors in one place!

  6. Michelle,
    Merci`, dear friend!!!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every Grey Dey post
    that I had the privelege of linking and visiting during Grey Dey Thursdeys!!!
    This linky party has been C`est Magnifique!
    Adieu. . .

  7. I completely understand. I do not even have comments on my blog for Summer. I took a peek at your IG and it is soooo beautiful. I think I may have to join so I can follow you. xxo

  8. Awwww sorry to hear this Michelle. I loved your grey day inspiration party. It still will be nice to see the inspiration and beautiful grey days on your blog posts. Have a wonderful week end.

  9. Looking forward to what's next in all the inspires you my dear.

    Love the inspirational saying...

    You make me happy when skies are grey.
    I love a beautiful grey day, I seam to come alive with soulful inspiration.



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