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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grey Dey Thursdey # 30.....

 Happy Grey Dey Thursdey Mes Amies!
Today, I’m sharing some "Blue Greys" and shiny silver around Maison PML.....


~*~Living Room~*~


Now For The Party...

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A few simple rules so that we all enjoy this weekly gathering....

1.  You don't need to be a "follower" to participate. ALL are welcome!

2Post anything in grey or "shades" of grey  (I would hate to have to delete your Post so kindly respect this rule. "Merci")

3If it's not something you've created or own, then please give credit to its' original source.

4Kindly link back
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Let's add a little "grey to our deys!"
"Merci" for joining in.....


  1. Gosh Michelle, did you make what look like porcelain roses in the silver dish? Beautiful.....

  2. The roses are "soap roses". I found them at the Dollar Store. One dollr for the WHOLE box! ;)

  3. So many wonderful items in your home! How nice to be surrounded by so many beautiful and beloved things. It does the heart good!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  4. Such beautiful displayes throughout your wonderful home, dear Michelle. I love your Madonnaes, and white roses in silver. So lovely.

  5. I love your vignettes, especially the madonnas.

  6. I always love to visit and see all your beautiful greys. Gorgeous again!!

  7. Oh Michelle always love seeing your vignettes. So gorgeous. Love your Madonna's they are all so pretty. Love the white roese soaps. Too cute I am going to have to check those out at my dollar store.

  8. A D O R E - your sun room is so sunny today! I always love the glimpses of your Spring outdoors through the windows. xo

  9. Maison PML is looking fabulous - just love all the blue/grey touches and those lovely Madonnas. Counting down....

  10. Everything is just the perfect shade and the perfect texture to compose lovely vignettes. I just love the roses in the silver bowl. how gorgeous! I would be amiss if I told you that as a Catholic I prefer not to use the Blessed Virgin as decorating items. In our home, she is given a place of honor and not included as part of home decoration. I understand that if a person is not Catholic, then the vignette might be appealing. I am in no way criticizing your beautiful creativity, I just thought you'd be interested in a different take on the subject. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to it each day!

    1. I did give Her a "place of honor"...by placing Her where I can see and adore her daily.

  11. beautiful images Michelle !
    Gail x

  12. Michelle,
    Oh my, dear friend. . .I adore the greys with the Madonnas and the marble!!!
    The white roses in the silver bowl intrigue me.
    Love the silver pitcher and the salt & peppers in your kitchen!!!


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