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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At Home With White....

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Wrentham with my Picker Sister, Susan, to take in the amazing “At Home With White Event”. Their Creative Director, Sandi of  “A Cottage Muse” and Karen, “A Shabby Moment In Time”, have become  dear friends and we look forward to seeing what they and all of “The Shop Gals”  do to put on this beyond beautiful event! 

This year was extra special in that Kris, “Junc Chic Cottage”, flew all the way from Chicago with her sweet hubby to celebrate her birthday here. Wendi, from the gorgeous shop “Nesting” in Concord, joined us as well. What followed was a whirlwind of hugging, chatting, picture-taking and oooohing & ahhhhhing at all the glorious white finds. 

Susan’s sister, Michelle, joined us but she arrived after the picture-taking extravaganza. And Jan, a sweet gal we see from time to time at Todd Farm Flea and these vintage events was there as well.

Here are some pictures from the day....

“Moi”, Kris, Susan and Sandi

“Moi”, Wendi, Kris & Susan

Susan, Karen and “Moi”

OK.....now grab your favorite beverage...picture overload!

“Bonjour” says my reflection in the glass!

It was a wonderful white day and a great day to usher in “Le Printemps!” 
And...."Merci” to Sandi , Karen & Kris for the sweet and thoughtful gifts!


  1. Girl, you know how to take the BEST detail shots! I'm discovering things I never saw that day in your pics. What a rush and such a 'high' the day was...only wish I had more time there.
    Those ladies know how to rock the white. :)

  2. wonderful pics, Michelle, love everything I saw!! I would be a crazed woman running from booth to booth!

  3. Wow! There is no such thing as picture overload here, such an amazing collection of beautiful treasures. Looks like all of you had such a fun time.

  4. Michele,
    Happy smiling faces of bloggers I admire. I enjoyed seeing the show through your eyes. Beautifully photographed, perfectly thought out detail shots, simply amazing.

  5. I want to shop there! Love it all, so inspirational!

  6. Great pictures, and so glad all of you all got to meet up. I love the button-back slipcovers.

  7. Too many things to love...I would be on overload, trying to see all the details of EVERY thing! I, too, love the button-back slipcovers.


  8. Ohhhhhhh Michelle I am swooning over your pictures. It is bringing back such great memories of my week end out your way. Ohhhhhh it was so much fun and that white show was one of the best I have ever been too. Meeting you and Susan, Wendy and Sandi just topped the week end off for me. It was a wonderful birthdday gift to spend the week end in your beautiful state and to be a shopper at that wonderful show. Next year I am bringing the U-Haul!!!!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh-- what beautiful photos--(including photos of you!). You must have been in heaven to spend the day among all of these treasures. White is truly stunning in these displays. I can't wait to see what you bought!


  10. Michelle,
    Absolutely gorgeous photos of the At Home With White Show!!!
    Some very elegant displays. . .thank youfor sharing with us!
    More than all the photos of this show are the precious friendships I see here!!!
    What a blessing being a blogger brings to one's life!
    And actually meeting in person. . .like icing on the cake!!!

  11. Loved every single picture Michelle. Thanks for sharing them.

  12. BEAUTIFUL photos! Wish I was there. :)

  13. Ooh, reminds me of Brimfield...sigh! You ladies are too much, all pretty and vintage shopping!
    Days like that are what makes fantastic memories with our gal pals. xo Rhonda

  14. Oh My, what a wonderful trove of treasures!!! I LOVE that old Shakespeare pages bundle and those old Paris photos hanging on the wall are to DIE for!!! I know you must have had a blast shopping in that fun batch of goodies! Happy Weekend to you Michelle!


  15. OMGOSH...how did I miss this post!!!!! Your pictures are just so beautiful ~ I must share on the shop's FB page! Thank you for sharing our show!


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