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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heavenly Day....

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for old doorknobs. Just spying one or two of them at a flea market sets my heart to racing. 
Crystal ones....glass ones...porcelain....brass....shabby.....chippy..... painted.....rusty....I find beauty in all of them. 
Their “imperfections” are “perfection” to me. 
Their vintage wear hints at the lives they once held as “functional” objects. 
Whose homes did they grace? Whose hands turned them? What doors did they open and what was on the other side? 
Their “history” breathes a life into my creations that might otherwise seem cold and lifeless. “Well-worn” speaks of being “well-loved” and that is what I always hope to convey to those who find beauty in what I create with them....my “Inspiration Holders.” 
 And to be gifted with a box full of these precious "story-tellers?"
Ahh, well...now THAT is what makes for a “heavenly day.”

“Merci” my friend. 
I’m in heaven...


  1. Oooh, that friend knows you very well. What a wonderful gift and meant for just the right person! I'm sure you'll enjoy working with these beauties. :)

  2. love . . . love . . . love your display of old doorknobs.

    I have one old glass door knob I found in a cupboard when we moved into our 1928 cottage. It was removed when someone decided to replace the glass with brass knobs.

  3. Oh Michelle, you've inspired me with your exquisite door knob creations from the first time I saw them in Somerset Life!
    What a special gift from a very dear friend - I'm guessing.
    I've just posted about a wonderful box of magic a dear blogging friend sent me too!!!
    I'm "over the moon" and I can tell you are too!.
    I wish I could find some glass/porcelain door knobs here - I never see them available, maybe people just keep them!
    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  4. Such a lovely display of vintage and stunning doorknobs. They make me smile with joy. Blessings...

  5. How absolutely perfect to gift you with vintage and antique doorknobs!! We all know you will create away with them, as you do it so well. xo

  6. A happy and beautiful find for you dear friend- and I know they will make many amazing message holders ,in your clever hands. Can`t wait to see the, Michelle Louise .

  7. I love, love your passion Michelle and how you create these beautiful pieces...xoxo!

  8. What a perfect and thoughtful gift.

  9. What a wonderful and perfect gift from your friend,Michelle. Can't wait to see your new inspiration holders:)
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. What fun it must have been for your friend to have found such a perfect gift for you!

  11. What a wonderful surprise and how beautifully displayed! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing. ~Lorraine ♥♥♥


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