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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing: "Grey Dey Thursdey" Linky Party....

Have you noticed?
"Grey" is invading our "deys!" And in a BIG "wey!" You'd have to be living under a rock ( a grey one) not to notice how this subtle....soothing....and calming color has influenced almost every aspect of our creative world. Once considered a "wall flower", this gorgeous color is now becoming the life of the party! And, speaking of, I'm ready to host one! Won't you join me here, every Thursdey,  as I embark on a mission to add " a little grey to my dey?"

First things first....let's take a look at why this glorious color has gone unnoticed for so long by taking a look at its' definition....

grey or (now) (especially US) gray 
  1. of a neutral tone, intermediate between black and white, that has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light
  2. greyish in colour or having parts or marks that are greyish
  3. dismal or dark, esp from lack of light; gloomy
  4. neutral or dull, esp in character or opinion
  5. having grey hair
  6. of or relating to people of middle age or above ⇒ “grey power”
  7. ancient; venerable
  8. (of textiles) natural, unbleached, undyed, and untreated

Derived Forms
ˈgreyish, (mainly US) ˈgrayish adjective
ˈgreyly, (mainly US) ˈgrayly adverb
ˈgreyness, (mainly US) ˈgrayness noun

Word Origin
Old English grǣg; related to Old High German grāo, Old Norse grar

= pale, wan, livid, bloodless, colourless, pallid, ashen, like death warmed up


Ummmmmmmmm...not anymore!

It's time to celebrate "Grey Thursdeys!"

~*~I would appreciate it if you would kindly add this button to your sidebar~*~
A few simple rules so that we all enjoy this weekly gathering.... 

1.  You don't need to be a "follower" to participate. ALL are welcome!
2. Post anything in grey or "shades" of grey. If it's not something you've created or own, then please give credit to its' original source.

3.} Kindly link back
to this post or place the blog button on your sidebar with a direct link.  

Let's add a little "grey to our deys!"

"Merci" for joining in.....


  1. okay - it's a little cheerful w/flowers - but there is grey in my two cherubs in the post! lol hope it's okay that I linked up to this! xoox, tracie

    ps - having a giveaway too - come on over, you will love this book! winner is announced tomorrow!

  2. I added your button and I cannot wait to join in every week!!

  3. Wishing you much luck on your new linky party. You know I love grey and will hopefully be having photos to share soon as I'm in the process of finishing off my potting shed and there is lots and lots of grey in there:-)


  4. Yea for grey. I loved grey before grey was "in"! I did two houses with grey carpet through out, and it wasn't easy finding the carpet I liked at the times. Our current house is painted grey, but not as dark as we would have liked. We were told to hurry and pick our house color and we knew we wanted grey. Unfortunately we didn't take the time to have our choice mixed so we could see it on the house, and in bright sun it looks almost white. Good cloudy days (grey days) you can see it is in fact grey. Best of luck.

  5. P.S. after the hurry hurry, it was at least 2 months before they actually painted our house (it was new construction). We picked out the color and moved on to other things with building!

  6. How lovely to have a new linky party, woohoo! Just photographed a few greys and will get the post ready soon. x

  7. Nothing grey in my pink home, but I love the idea of coloured grey like we say in painting : according to the mix to make the grey we can have a hot pale grey or a slight cold grey The only dull grey is when we mix black an white.

    xoxo from France


  8. I'm a grey girl through and through!
    Thank you Michelle for hosting this exciting new party!

  9. Now this is exciting, love having something to look forward to!
    And, the timing is perfect as I am planning to add more grey to my home this Fall...bring on the inspiration!!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend my friend!!

  10. Hi Michelle, what a wonderful idea! Grey has always been my go-to wardrobe color and last year we painted the dinning room the softest, most serene grey I could find (love it!).
    I have already linked up, thanks bunches.
    en-JOY a lovely weekend,

  11. Love this and love the button you made for it, Michelle!! I am going to try to participate sometimes!! What fun!

    Hope all is well with you, sweetie!

  12. Woo hoo! We're all 'going grey' and I don't mean our hair!

  13. Ooooooh! I'm going to love visiting this! Wonderful idea. I'm sure I'll jump in sometime. Love your post on grey!

  14. Best wishes with your new linky, Michelle. I'm sure I'll be joining in soon.

  15. A beautiful idea Michelle! I'll lol forward to more of your beautiful dreamy photos-- this time in hues of grey!!
    I love that weathered old door in the picture!!

    I'll be here to visit on all your gray days:)

  16. Thank you for hosting this fabulous party! I don't have anything grey to post (Phewy) otherwise I would have joined in the fun. I was so thrilled when I opened my October issue of Romantic Homes and found your fabulous feature of "White Works". Congratulations...very well done. Can't wait for your next grey dry.


  17. this is going to be a super fun party! xoxo


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