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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Feathering The Nest....

A mother Robin took up residence just outside my back door this past spring. I left a white ribbon nearby in the hopes that she might use it to "feather her nest" and, oh happy day, she did! A gal after my own heart!

She laid 4 perfect eggs and I watched with joy as her sweet brood grew and learned to "spread their wings." 


  1. that is so amazing!
    she new a loving home when she saw one ;)

  2. what a precious idea, love how she "decorated" her sweet nest!

  3. Love it! I have another nest thst I recently added to my collection. It was so sweltering hot last week week that I brought all my pots inside and sat them in the bathtub and soaked them with water. When I went to hang them back up the next day, lo and behold there was a nest in my fern...a soggy one though. Lol

  4. Oh how sweet, I love that she used your ribbon. I had a pile of small twigs I had collected sitting outside of my studio this spring that I was going to use in a project. I went to use them one day, and they were gone except for a few small pieces scattered on the ground! I figured the birds stole them for their nests and I couldn't be mad as I knew they were put to good use!


  5. Oh Michelle-- that's so precious-- you must save that nest!
    What a wonderful story :)

  6. That is so amazing, I love that you thought of it. I am so in love with birds and their sweet nests. You have captured a beautiful natural moment. Ribbons and all. xo R

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  8. Oh, that is so cute. She sure know how to decorate. Love the nest.


  9. How sweet!
    We have had a nest at the shop for the past few years and I love to see our newest little friends!

  10. So sweet! Her nest is beautiful.

  11. What a delight that must have been to watch. She made quite the lovely nest!

  12. Oh how wonderful!! I love how the ribbon is entwined through the twigs of this beautiful nests.

  13. How very precious that she used your white ribbon to build her nest. Thankfully her little brood grew and fledged safely. Nature is amazing...

  14. Michelle, What a neat nature experience to have her use the ribbon in her nest. You won my Hope Necklace giveaway. Please email me your address and I will get it on it's way! My email is rumcraft@kc.rr.com

    I hope you enjoy it!


  15. How wonderful! Seeing the nest you helped make just gave me such a lift!

  16. What a delight to start my day off by finding your blog again. I'm so excited. The white feather is a very sensitive thing to do. What a special treat to see it woven into the threads of her nest.

    big hugs

  17. A natures beauty, and so sweet there in your corner!!
    And giving gift to her to use in the nest is a beautiful thing....it must have been wonderful to watch her using it,- my dear Michelle!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  18. OMG, how tweet is that?! Patty/BC

  19. How sweet is that!!! We had a small little pair of birds build a nest over our patio speakers one spring. They came back three years in a row to that same little nest and it was a real treat to watch them rear their young. I was so devastated when they did not come back the fourth year :-( But it was so beautiful while it lasted!!! Have a wonderful bird watching weekend mon ami.


  20. How wonderful!! This year so far we had two nests on a post by the front door, and one by the back door. It is fun to watch them rear their young.


  21. Hi Michelle,

    Lucky you for the family of birds and their nesting place.

    Hugs, Lynnie

  22. That sweet robin had good taste. Such a pretty sight!

  23. It's wonderful to see the renewal of life right outside our windows! We had two Barn Swallow nests this year and some Cottontails too. I loved watching the babies grow and then (sigh) leave. I'm sure your Robins knew a good home when they saw it.


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