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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And The Winner Is.....

The winner of my "One Pour Moi and One Pour Vous Giveaway" can be found sharing her inspiration with us all right here....

"Merci" to all who entered!


  1. Congratulations to this very talented lady.
    Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  2. Woo Hoo, lucky Liz!!! I am so happy she won, love her to pieces!!

  3. Hey, thats me!!!! I clicked on the link and there was my blog, lol. I thought I had pressed a wrong button or something, having had just gotten up and still being somewhat sleepy. Had to do it twice more, just to be sure. Thank you so much, Michelle, I am so delighted! I hear you girls talking about Michael's all the time, an now I will be able to see for myself what their wares are like.

  4. What a cool way to announce the winner - and wasn't she thrilled! You are so thoughtful to do this.... Wonderful, wonderful idea!


Taking the time to share your thoughts...your words...and your inspiration fills my soul....Merci.