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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Le Printemps

Happy Spring mes amies!
We're buried in fresh snow so I borrowed a picture from last year!

I hope to see these blooms one day very soon!


  1. We're buried in snow here today too - last week was like Spring - now winter wonderland has returned!
    So tired of it now lol

  2. Beautiful flowers Michelle! No snow here but it is only 11 today and feels like zero! Happy first day of spring :-)


  3. What a pretty sight! Last yr at this time it was 80 here and my hubby was planting oats. Snow is deep, keeps rearranging into drifts with the terrible cold winds. I think we live in a wind tundra. And I'm over anxious for the beauty of spring. This post helped!!! Enjoy

  4. Happy first day of Spring Michelle.
    It is 81* here today we have been wearing shorts for a week now.
    I am sure the Spring defrost will reach you guys soon.
    Have a lovely week

  5. Beautiful! Happy first day of spring, Michelle!

  6. Like we are here, dear Michelle-
    But happy first day of Spring , lets hope it will soon be here-
    with green lawns and beautiful flowers.

  7. Today, the cherry tree is blossoming, here! Spring will be close to you, too!

  8. Hi sweet friend! Happy Spring to you too!

  9. Hi Michelle...longinggg for Spring! Gorgeous tulips! :)

  10. Happy Spring sweet friend. Sorry you have new fresh snow but it will soon melt and your beautiful tulips with raise their heads! xo Rhonda

  11. Your tulips are beautiful and help us to think Spring even though it isn't arriving with warmth this year. One day soon we will enjoy all the joy of Spring and we can take new photos of the flowers and appearance of greenery.
    Happy Spring and stay warm with all that snow around.
    audrey xo

  12. ooooh, what a lovely photo, luv the soft pink color. ♥

  13. There is nothing prettier than pink flowers in a white ironstone pitcher to make one forget about the snow and cold weather.
    The answer to your question about the toile fabric I used on the pillow is I'm not sure where to get it. I found about 2 yards of it at Habitat of all places for $1.00

    Hobby Lobby has a darker version that I used for my kitchen chairs. You might search the internet to find it. It is lovely.


  14. Beautiful tulips Michelle! I bet you grew them too, you talented little lady!!!! Yes, us Floridians are ready for some warmer temps too! Not buried under any snow, but still chilly down here. Have a great weekend beautiful blogger!

  15. Hi sweet friend--- I've missed you!! Have not been here to visit in a bit- still catching up from travels!! How I long for lovely spring flowers!! We are expecting snow tomorrow-- makes me so sad:(

    I'm so ready for sunshine and warm breezes--- I hope all is well with you-- I'm sure you are crazy busy--- do you have something coming my way soon??


  16. Happy Spring to you Michelle!
    I am sure Mother Nature will treat us to a perfect summer after the looong winter we have endured!

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