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Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Back and Sharing Something New....

Hello mes amies. 
My posts, of late, have been few and far between but I am still "here." My holidays were no different than all of yours...filled with family time...celebrations...and just plain "craziness." The New Year found me under the weather and low on energy and,  just yesterday, I saw our son back to school for his LAST semester at college! I didn't think it would hit me like it has but I feel as melancholy as the day we saw him off for his FIRST semester. I've been in a "funk" for a few weeks now and need to snap out of it!
The New Year is calling me and I am still back in 2012. Enough said!

I wanted to share with you some bracelets I made for Christmas gifts and even a few for myself.
My friend's daughter was interested in learning how to make those ever-so-popular leather cord Stack Bracelets so I found a few tutorials and we got busy.

Here's the set I surprised her with after we spent several days in my studio making them for her friends....

...an eclectic mix of new and vintage components.

Here's the set I created for my niece, Mia....
...her favorite color is "Tiffany Blue" and she's a "beachy" kinda girl so this is the stack I came up with for her.

And heres' the stack I made for myself.....

it started out with just a few and then just grew and grew as I became obsessed hooked on making them!

I used a mix of new and vintage components for these as well...

From L-R:
I used a SS heart de-constructed from a 50's bracelet and paired it with vintage Creed sterling and faceted glass rosary beads; The next one is a beautiful vintage gold and diamond watch that I filled with vintage pearl beads and a vintage rhinestone cross. Instead of chain, I wrapped a leather cord with silver bead balls; For the next one, I used a vintage French charm and, again, paired it with some vintage sterling rosary beads and a small length of chain; For the last one, I used two stunning vintage  rhinestone & SS earrings...connected them together and then added more of the Creed sterling rosary beads.  

From L-R:
This first one is actually ONE bracelet made out of Memory Wire. Easy peasy! I used mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal and glass beads throughout; For this next one, I removed the shank from a vintage Krementz cufflink and glued it to a bezel. The cuff link is mother of pearl and platinum....stunning. I ran a small length of leather cording through the bezel and added some crimp beads and a toggle clasp closure to finish it off; For the next one, I used a tube bead that says "Faith" and some Chinese Knotting Cord. I added beads on each side of the tube bead, divided by knots, and then finished off with crimp beads and a toggle clasp; The next three bracelets were all made using the same technique of wrapping leather cording with either bead ball chain or vintage rhinestone chain. They are finished off with a vintage button for hooking closed.

I love the way you can wear a few or all of them together depending on what you're wearing. The combinations are endless.

This site offers some wonderful tutorials on how to make some of the leather-wrapped and macrame-style ones if you'd like to give them a try. 

The other techniques I just learned along the way...trial and error really. 
I hope to offer you all more of my own tutorials on this blog this year and, despite my lackluster start to 2013, show you a "new and improved" Petite Michelle Louise!

"Merci" for your friendship through the years. They are some of my life's "blessings."

Avec Amour,


  1. Beautiful creations! You've started with a bang. Yes, your holidays mirrored mine including getting sick after. But I have no gorgeous jewelry to show for it!!! Creating is such a cure-all. Delightful to see your wonderful work!

  2. Your creations are stunning, Michelle. Wow, last year of college for your son. I think most moms experience that melancholy feeling with every transition. I know I do. I've had to push myself a little to get back in the groove as well this new year, and trying to stay healthy.

  3. Oh, they are fantastic. I fell in love with the one that have a cross and pearls inside. Just gorgeous all of them.


  4. Oh That's beautiful. I like that
    Greetings Corry

  5. These are gorgeous Michelle!
    I knew it was only a matter of time before you would be creating some of these bracelets, I have noticed you pinning them lately. You did an amazing job!
    enJOY a lovely week,

  6. Absolutely stunning,Michelle.Have a wonderful week.

  7. Beautiful and sparkly and unique, just like you ♥

  8. Beautiful creations Michelle! Oh it's so hard seeing your children grow up.I am only in the teen years with mine so I can't even imagine.I cherish every second with her as she is soon on her way to more freedom.Thank God she still enjoys hanging out with her Mom and Dad :-)

  9. THey are gorgeous dear Michelle,- so many diffferent, but all beautiful.
    Hope your rest of january will be happy,my friend.

  10. Beautiful works of art, Michelle. Anyone would be so happy with these. Your creations are stunning. I truly hope you start to feel "chipper" soon. I have been in a sort of "funk" myself since the new year began. We need to snap out of it. Life is too short to be feeling bad. Take care. ((((Hugs to you))))
    audrey xo

  11. Tres Chic and oh so fabulous. I can see how you would be hooked on making these beautiful pieces. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  12. Oh, these are so pretty, just like you said in your email, something new and fresh! Did they take long to create? The details are amazing.

    I do not believe for one second you could ever improve, mon amie, you are perfect in my eyes! xo

  13. Gorgeous of course, like everything you touch! You make everything pretty!

  14. Happy 2013! Love your bracelets! Gorgeous!

  15. Those bracelets are exquisite Michelle - so so pretty.

  16. Welcome back and Happy New Year to you. Hope you're feeling better now. I love your bracelet creations. Every one is so unique. Thanks for sharing the source for the tutorial. I'll have to check it out. I've been working with memory wire again and always love the results.

  17. They are absolutely wonderful. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent! I'm sure anyone would die to get something that beautiful for a gift... Glad to see you back, and feeling more yourself


  18. Hi Michelle,
    I LOVE your new creations! They are beautiful and so very original! It is so refreshing to see such originality and passion in everything you do. Glad to see you are back with us in blogland, we all miss your energy and kindness when you are away from your posting.

  19. These are so very beautiful! Thank you for sharing,love seeing new ideas. Have great week and keep smiling! Take care.

  20. Hi Michelle,
    Happy New Year!! So glad to see your post tonight! You are greatly missed when you are not around!
    Your latest creations are just beautiful and how wonderful that you spent time teaching your friend's daughter how to make them too!
    On another note, it is always difficult having our children home for a while and then having to say good-bye again. Such is the heart of a mother I am afraid! I know the angst so well!
    Take care and post when you can. We will all be waiting patiently!

  21. i am in a "funk" too!!! not uncommon for january i spose, i am waiting for some sunshine and vitamin D to get me going. your bracelets are lovely and inspiring, michelle!

  22. Gosh just how awesome are these bracelets you created wow! Fantastic work Michelle and highly inspiring! Love the silvery ones best!
    Well my year didn't start so great either, let's just hope it'll get better soon! Sending you happy new year wishes from Germany
    Carola x

  23. Loving all your handiwork!!Very beautiful!

  24. Много красиви и очарователни гривни Мишел. Толкова добре си съчетала всички елементи в характерния за теб стил.
    Поздрави и хубава вечер от мен.

  25. Oh Michelle, these are so beautiful!
    I'm going back to take another peek...don't want to miss a detail!

  26. wow,michelle,nice. i love the blues!!! where'd you get those at? you'll be fine. i know how you feel. wait til you're told you're gonna be a grama:):):)

  27. These are beautiful. I found myself wishing I was your niece. Haha!

  28. Michelle,
    Love these! Is there anything you can't do:) I couldn't figure out why you didn't name the website where you found the tutorials. Then I clicked on it! LOL Too funny.

  29. OH Michelle, they are all beautiful, each and every one! I too am running slow in 2013, everything took a back seat while we fought one flu bug after another and now I'm able to create again and it feels wonderful, but posting has been a bit more difficult since being away for so long. Hopefully the new creations will inspire a post very soon, I do miss it, but feel like I hit a blogging block! John left for Japan to work for a couple of months and Danielle went back to SC and when everyone went back to their homes it left my home and heart feeling a bit empty. Lucky for me Hannah and Max keep me on my toes and fill my day with hugs. love love love the bracelets!!! t.xoxoxoxo


  30. I love all your bracelets, the niece's and the ones you made for yourself. I was wondering how you fasten them. Then I read the button closer
    The old vintage ladies watch face is my favorite

  31. Michelle,
    They are gorgeous! My daughters really enjoy the friendship bracelets that are macrame using embroidery floss. They have made bracelets for years...beads and elastic, melal, woven, knotted...I am looking forward to making some of these with my youngest! She is more of a bling girl than her sisters. Such Fun!

  32. Michelle, Thank you for your inspiring designs and tutorial link. I made 2 bracelets and love them! I am motivated to do more because I love wearing them, thank you thank you thank you!! XOX,

  33. Hi Michelle! I am so behind, but I had to tell you how wonderful these bracelets are! I hope you are making it through this blizzard safely!


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