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Friday, December 14, 2012

London ...At Last!

This past Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of going to London to visit one of my nieces who is studying abroad there. I traveled with my Maman, two of my sisters and my other two nieces. It was an amazing trip full of "girly" fun!
Here are some highlights....

 ~*~Heathrow Airport~*~

~*~Our Hotel: The K&K Hotel George~*~

A "knackered" group arrives...
 Maman, my nieces Donia Rose & Gabrielle and Moi

~*~Day 1~*~

 "Southwark Cathedral"

~*~On The Thames~*~
 My niece Erin (the one studying abroad there), niece Gabrielle, my sister Suzanne, Maman, my niece Donia Rose and Moi

   Erin, my other sister Anne-Marie, Donia Rose & Gabrielle

 LOVED those chandy's in Harrod's!!

~*~Day Two~*~

~*~Picadilly Circus~*~

Hello my Bloggy friends! I'm having a "jolly good" time here. Give me a "ring??"

~*~Buckingham Place~*~
 Maman, Suzanne, Gabrielle, Moi, Anne-Marie and Donia Rose

"Yoo Hoo! May I see The Queen?? Pretty Please? Or maybe a "gander" inside the palace??" 

~*~The London Eye~*~

"Parliament & Big Ben"

~*~Westminster Abbey~*~

~*~Westminster Cafe~*~

Time for some "nosh."
 My sisters: Suzanne & Anne-Marie


~*~On The Streets~*~

~*~Tower of London~*~

~*~Day 3~*~

~*~Museum Of Natural History~*~

~*~Victoria and Albert Museum~*~

 ~*~Day 4~*~

Off to Notting Hill to find me some Hugh Grant shop... 

~*~Portobello Market~*~

~*~Kensington Palace~*~

 "Victoria & Albert"

"Picadilly Circus"
(The only picture we got of the entire group!)

"Cheerio" London! 
You were "smashing"...just "brilliant"..the "bee's knees!" ;)


  1. I've been in London today. I love it, hope you enjoyed it too.

  2. Your pictures of London are simply amazing! I'm 1/2 British on my Mother's side (I'm from Canada) so everything from the UK just captures my heart. I am gearing up to go one day soon and visit relatives and take it the sights! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible photographs! xo

  3. Thanks for showing us London. Great pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful visit.

  4. Hello Michelle,
    I so enjoyed seeing all of your fabulous pictures. You made me reminisce about my trip to London. I truly am in love with that city. Wasn't everyone there just so friendly??? I can't wait to go back again. It looks like you had fun and to be there with special people like your family must have made it even better!

  5. Love those pictures, slippers and a gown, I am so in for that. And the Madonna and baby Jesus, lovely. Merry Christmas Michelle, thanks for brightening up my day. Di

  6. Hi Michelle~
    Oh how I loved seeing your pictures from your London trip!
    It was wonderful seeing every one of them.
    Merry Christmas ~

  7. It's wonderful you were able to take such a fabulous trip. It looks like you had a great time and your pics are beautiful.
    Best wishes Rebecca

  8. Oh Michelle...looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!
    You all look so beautiful and happy...precious memories!

  9. How in heaven did I miss this wonderful post. Amazing images and you gals look so happy. I truly want to go one day.

  10. I can feel from your photos how much fun you all had. I would have searched out All Saints too. What style!

    Merry Christmas

  11. Oh Tante Mickey! Revisiting this again. I am so so glad you all could come visit me. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Love you!


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