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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Divine Inspiration

I leave for London on the 20th to visit my niece for Thanksgiving who is spending a semester abroad there. So I've been busy in the studio making xmas ornaments/reliquaries because I know that, when I return from this trip, the holidays will be in full swing.  

I tea stained some paper doilies and added some soulful  images from French Prayer Cards....

...and made petite pearl crosses to adorn others. 

I found some sweet shadow box lockets recently and turned them into reliquary ornaments...

...using more ethereal prayer card images...

...some printed onto fabric...

...and adorning  the back of each one with vintage lace....

...rhinestone crosses....

...and French prayers.

And a few old watch cases.....

 ...can be transformed into...

...holy lockets...

...and shrines.

Soon for sale in my ETSY shop 
and available now for "On Reserve" requests.


  1. Oh Yeah! You are going, that is fabulous!! Sneak over to Paris...you will not be sorry.

    Love all of your new creations, mon amie...I'm browsing right now...tee hee!

  2. Absolutely love your creativity !!! have a warm and beautiful day...Chickie

  3. Dear Michelle,
    your new creations are all fantastic, and so beautiful,
    I love the shadow boxes and the watch cases ,made to beautiful reliquary ornaments, such a most wonderful use for them.
    Michelle I wish you great tour to England. Take care.

  4. Oh, Michelle, how blessed you are with the talent to create such divine (I'm not using the word lightly) treasures. I don't usually make religious comments in posts, but I have to make an exception today and state that the inspiration for your gorgeous pieces came from God Himself.

    My heart has been very heavy lately, and I thank you for the joy that the photos of your exquisite work gave me today.


  5. Michelle so beautiful are all of your creations! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  6. WOW you have been extra busy!
    I am betting they are going to sell out before you even list them.
    Have fun on your trip.
    Someday I would love to travel abroad for the winter holidays.

  7. Have a great time in London! How exciting for you! I love all of your beautiful ornaments, especially those gorgeous shadow box watch cases!!

  8. Michelle have a wonderful trip! That would be a dream for me to go, one day! Take alot of pics for us and find some great things while being away. Take care,Lori

  9. Your designs are beautiful and inspiring, how clever you are.
    Enjoy your trip to London, I love our capital city, it is modern and vibrant without ever really changing, I'm looking forward to to trip myself very soon. The only difference is I can do it in a day. If you manage a trip on the Thames Clippers you may be served with your coffee by my grandson...
    Have fun and enjoy.

  10. wonderfull wow....very nice creations you made for xmas
    And have a great time in London....

    Greetings Liane

  11. Здравей Мишел, изумително красиви коледни декорации. Толкова нежно изглежда тази елхичка от произведения на изкуството. Обичам твоите религиозни творби.
    Поздрави и хубав ден от мен.

  12. Beautiful creations! Have a great time in London with your niece. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. You have been so busy, Michelle!!! Love the shadow box lockets!
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  14. absolutely beautiful! and enjoy London - lived there for a while...make sure you visit this fab antique store in North London - can't remember its name off the top of my head - but its located in an old church - you will love it!

  15. They are all so pretty Michelle - perfect for the upcoming holiday.
    Have a geat time in London - it´s so pretty over there this time of the year with all the lights and decorations

  16. Everything is so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful time with your niece.

  17. Those are amazing Michelle, love them! And for London, Vaya con Dios!

  18. Have fun in London! Love all the ornaments!

  19. just watched your cbs thing. chuckle chuckle. the addicting site..... i have to ask, as im from midwest and all i want to do is make small things for myself as i really cant afford at this point, all of the beauty that you make. where in the world do you get your religious items. i would love to make some neat little things such as yours. i just dont know where to find anything like that. thanks for all of your inspiration. you are amazing as ive said before. if you cant reveal, i understand. thank you, susy

    1. hi pipigirl...i didn't see on your profile where i could email you so i hope you get this reply. please send me an email so i might give you more info regarding your questions.

  20. You've been a busy girl...the ornaments are heavenly!
    Have fun across the pond ~ safe travels!

  21. These are gorgeous...every one of them. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with your niece in London.

  22. Michelle- you have been SO busy-- such gorgeous creations!!! I hope your London trip is magnificent-- say Hello to the Queen for me!! I'll be looking forward to your pictures!! Stay safe/ have a wonderful trip!

  23. What a beautiful display! Have a lovely time in London. ~Marti

  24. You're so clever and creative! I'm astounded by all the things you come up with,... each and every one so soulful and pretty.


  25. Have fun in London. Your creations are fantastic, as always.

  26. Oh my those lockets...oh my, those doilies...oh my that lace & crosses! Girl, you never cease to amaze me. You have been a busy beaver in that fabulous studio of yours.
    Have a wonderful trip to London with your sisters, Mom and niece. As they say - 'cheerio'! I know the trip will be 'brilliant'!

  27. Hi Michelle,
    I see you've been up to your usual "Fabulousness" again!!!! You have stirred some creative spark in me with your prayer card beauties. Really got me going with the prayer card printed on the fabric! Mmmmmmm, that gives me such great inspiration! Thank you for that mon Ami and have a great weekend!!!

  28. beautiful beautiful ornaments!!

    Have a delightful time in England!

  29. I have no words... These are just taken out from my dreams!


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