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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Studio...

My studio is also my guest bedroom..... 

...here's the view as you walk through the door...

Here's where I blog away....

...at a desk that my husband used as a child.

I sit on this old chippy garden chair that was given to me by a friend.

A collection of beloved Mother Mary statues sit on my desktop...

...and a framed print from an old book just "speaks to me."

An old brass letter holder keeps my inspiration notebook close by.

Above my desk is a mantle top that I found at a yard sale many years ago...

It displays my precious hand-knitted nest, from Vicki...
one of my most cherished gifts.

...and a sweet angel watches over me as I blog. 

A petite table holds my printer....

...and a skirt I fashioned out of an old chenille blanket helps to hide the clutter.

                         Here's where I create some of my jewelry pieces and Inspiration Holders.

The dresser was in my first apartment and has followed me ever since.

An old glass and iron serving tray is my work surface....

I added ruler markings to the inside of the drawer for measuring wire and chain.

 An old, painted, pressed ceiling tin serves as my inspiration board.

 It's filled with gifts from beloved kindred spirits...

 ...and anything that "speaks to my heart."

A zinc shelf organizes some of my supplies...

An old liqueur set, which once belonged to my grandparents, helps to organize buttons and old hat pins.

An old vanity tray holds more beloved tokens....

A cloche displays one of my sweet oiseaux and a crown I won as a girl in my neighborhood pageant 

Vintage game pieces represent the "initials" of my blog and ETSY shop name. 

...and my sweet chalk cherub holds some of my precious charms and medals.

An old file cabinet that I found curbside holds ephemera and...

Oodles of supplies are stored in jars on a wire rack...

...while an old baking pan organizes my destash.

Another old dresser serves as a work surface and...

 ...a place to store "ruban" (ribbon).....

 ..."lacet" (lace)...

...and fabric.

More measurements on the inside drawer "lip" make it convenient to measure my ribbon without having to grab a yard stick or ruler.

I am surrounded by inspiration....


...petits tresors that I've collected over time....

...and bits and pieces from a "time gone by."

A chippy salvaged column is to the right of the dresser....

....a recent flea market find...

 ...alongside a wall vignette.

An old hutch stores a multitude of supplies...

... and shelves are  filled with destash and tresors.

My original coverless book bundle... 

Jars filled with destash...

 ...and this and that.

Some old suitcases store more of my supplies....

...French ephemera and "dentelle" (lace).

A collection of vintage lace sits atop them...

A petite shelf holds my collection of old bottles.  

....and gathered tresors.

Nestled between the hutch and the suitcases stands this beauty....

 ...an old dress form that I found while out "pickin".... 

(read more of her story here)

Wicker hampers hold my jewelry supplies, lace and millinery flowers.

I embellished each tag with "visual" reminders of what's inside each of them....

Some of my hand-rolled speckled clay eggs...

...in one of my beloved birds nests.

Baskets throughout the room store fabric.... 

 ...lace ....

...and lovelies...

A bedside table holds more coverless books...

...ready to be made into....  

...my coverless book bundles.

My precious bust of Ste. Therese.

I painted a canvas with my "symphony."

An old Singer sewing machine table serves as my "stamping station." It reminds me of the one my grandmother had in her sewing room.

A vintage wire dish rack is the perfect way to organize my tags and stamp sets...

 Two old drawers store more of my stamps and ink pads....

...while a canvas hamper holds vintage sheet music and ephemera. 

 My collection of vintage doorknobs are on display below the sewing machine... 

...while waiting to be made into...

...one of these...
...my "signature" Inspiration Holders.

Back-to-back with the sewing machine is this dresser that I found curbside....

...it forms an "island" in the center of the room...

...allowing for another work surface....

 ...and more storage for my supplies.

My bedside table...

...or should I say "YOUR" bedside table... 

...since you ARE my guest today. 

 A wrought iron daybed is the perfect place to rest awhile...

 ...on some of my favorite French pillows.

At the end of the bed is an old metal basket...

...that holds an extra blanket for those chilly New England nights....

...and a message for my guests.

 A sweet cherub sleeps at the foot of the bed.  

Hanging above the bed is this lampshade that I created...

...with words that inspire.

And, finally, a vignette that always reminds me...

Please click on the "Where Bloggers Create" button on my sidebar to go to Karen's My Desert Cottage for a listing of all the participants in this most wonderful annual blog party!
**Merci Karen**


  1. Oh my, Michelle!

    Your studio is like heaven! lol
    I love how you decorate and I love all of your neutrals... So pleasant to look at!

    Have a great day!

    Sensible Sarah

  2. yeah! I see that my daughter has already been here just before me. I was waiting for you to post your studio....I am so familiar with all of your work spaces and such....but to see them again is a wonderful thing, mon amie! your treasures just speak to me....they speak volumes of romance and creative bliss!

    thanks so much for sharing. I thought I'd join in on the studio tour this year....it's been fun visiting all sorts of creative spaces.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. so much beautiful going on in this space! Amazing and inspirational. xo

  4. I adore all your new touches to your already gorgeous studio, Michelle. That hanging basket on the day bed....love it! Your new lampshade...adore it...I simply could not wait to see your space, could not wait..sorry about the tapping foot, LOL.

    I also love your doorway shot...wow...words cannot describe how beautiful your room is. xo Rhonda

  5. Wow Michelle! I knew your studio would be wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it! ~Kristie

  6. Be still my breathless heart! Although I had the pleasure to behold all this loveliness in person, I still can't get over how stunning your studio is Michelle. It is so YOU!
    Even looking at all of these photos, I see more details I've missed and spot new tresors that have found a perfect home.
    And I MUST commend you on how neat and organized your space is. Unbelievable! You truly keep your stash in tip-top order, each lovely piece in its' proper and delightful place. And oh, those labels! Tres magnifique mon amie - love it ALL and can't wait to visit again!

  7. Such a beautiful room! If I were a guest in that room I would be unable to sleep because I would be entranced by everything and itching to create. :)
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful special place!

  8. A gorgeous vision in white! That was dreamlike Michelle and your post is truly a labor of love!

  9. Exquisitely organized and decorated ♥

  10. OMG Michelle..........i'm druling al over my keybord looking at the pictures of your craftroom! It still is one of my favorites.......i see so much wonderfull creations and stuf. It is breathtaking. I'll come back to drule some more, thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Marga

  11. Michelle I can hardly take this all in ---
    First of all I just have to say that I would love to be a guest in this room- so full of treasures and inspiration. So this is the place where you work your magic? No wonder you have the Midas touch!

    Your collections are so exquisite - so beautifully displayed. Your room is a virtual little French flea market!!

    I'd love to pilfer- if I was your guest--- I would!! While the rest of the house was sleeping I'd be quietly playing with all of your toys. ( I'll never get invited now- will I - lol!!)

    Oh sweet Michelle- the nest looks so lovely in your special place..thank you for allowing my little nest to have a special little feature here!

    I love your bottles, your laces, vintage jewels-- that gorgeous collection of suitcases- the beads and buttons-- there is no end to the treasures you've shown here.,

    This place is you-- it is the outward manifestation of your creative soul--

  12. Oh Michelle I will let you know when I stop drooling! Bravo, it was a wonderful magical tour!

  13. Totally gorgeous! What wonderful collections!This has really inspired me to do more with my space.
    Thanks for the tour!
    Your new Linky follower.


  14. Michelle your space is absolutely breath taking! I will be back many more times to soak in more as you have a plethora of ideas and beauty here!!

    The mantel over your desk- awesome! I love all the architectural details that you added like this!

    The day bed with all those lovely pillow..... I could go on and on...

    bee blessed

  15. WoW! Michelle,

    Your studio/guest bedroom and creations have just blown me away. You have now inspired me to make a few decor changes lol. Merci! mon ami :o)

    Luvvvvv! everything. Too many to mention. The mantel over the desk is "Divine". All your photos are amazing!

    Thanks! for sharing this inspirational post. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  16. Incredibly amazingly beautiful space. You would have to pry me out of in front of the computer if that was my desk, LOVE! I could spend all day just looking over your stunning photos. Thank you for sharing.

  17. What a beautiful and tranquil space. I love how you display everything. Just lovely.


  18. o. my. goodness....I should have KNOWN your studio would be absolutely AMAZING Michelle!!!!! It truly is just beautiful, each and every item, supply, display...just everything! If I were a guest in your creative space, girl, I would not sleep one wink...I would be looking at every little treasure you've collected ~ thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful photos, hugs and love, Dawn

  19. Michelle - you out did yourself once more. Wow, simply wow - so many beautiful things to look at...I must return several times so that I can absorb all of it.

    I'm dong better and thank you so much for stopping by. Always love to hear from you - Blessings always!


  20. Hey sweet Michelle,
    your studio looks so fresh, neat and orderly organised, it really puts my space to shame. I think for next years party I'll have to do some major changes.
    I especially love the inspiration board over your white dresser with the stencilled drawers and oh there was more but I keep forgetting. I guess you'll win the price for the longest post of this WBC tour, I scrolled and scrolled and phew now I'm kinda tired and think I would just like to take a rest on your pretty daybed and take in all the details in my own pace. You have so much beautiful stuff in there!
    Sending you very happy WBC party wishes

  21. what a charming place to create, michelle! so many treasures, and i love that you have a gorgeous daybed in there:) LOVE your blog, btw:) tfs!

  22. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, xox

  23. I could look at this all day long, every special touch that you have created is why you create such beauty in your jewelry and art work, the inspiration over flows from every corner. This is one of the most beautiful studios that I have ever seen, not that it surprises me, coming from you, but oh my goodness you make me want to go through my kitchen cupboard and paint all of my baking pans white and put them in my studio. I wouldn't want to stop there though, you have given me the inspiration I needed to clean up my own space so that when I find time to create something new, I will feel like I am once again in a special place with special long forgotten treasures! Have a fabulous Sunday Michelle, I am going to go back for another look! t.xoxoxoox

  24. Thank you so much Michelle for sharing this amazing space with us. IT is simply breathtaking!!!!

    Hugs and have a nice sunday,

  25. Hi Michelle! It is all sooo lovely. You would have to tip-toe and whisper while in such a beautiful dreamy space that you have created. Thank-you for sharing. Denise

  26. Dearest Michelle, this is such gorgeous photoes, so stunning a room you have for yourself, AND YOUR GUESTS MUST FEEL IN HEAVEN. I LOVE all your wonderful furnichures,and beautiful collections. My goodnes such lovely vignettes,my sweet- and such beauty.Just to mention one thing, I love your new lampshade.But everywhere there are treasures to see,-and all so delicate and true to the style. Thankyou sweetie for showing, I will be back here more that once to try to take it all in.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  27. Hi dear ,again,
    just wanted to tell you that your post have not,this time ,been uploaded to my bloglist. I have checked that you are still in my list under Layout-and so you are... so I don`t understand why....I only found you in Karen`s list, and thought,it was strange I had not seen you, on my own bloglist----
    Just wanted to tell you, if others also can`t see you, on their`s.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  28. Oh Michelle, of all the spaces I have seen so far, yours is the one that sings to me! I could just go about this room day to day and look at all the treasures you have collected and displayed so beautifully and be totally happy doing it and nothing else! THIS IS PERFECTION TO ME!
    hugs from here...

  29. Wow.... everything is absolutely gorgeous, but what blows me away is the mantle! Incredible!

  30. WOW Michelle! Such a beautiful space. It would be a dream to stay in a gust room like this. But I don't think I would get much sleep. So many beautiful treasures to look at. Thanks, I always enjoy seeing your creative space.

  31. Oh, Michelle, I was enchanted by your dreamy maical studio!!!! Loved just everything, it is so inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us!!! Have a wonderful and blessed week!!!

  32. Amazing! Amazing! What a beautiful collection you have here. Your whole room is like one of your little creations. So beautiful in every detail. What a joy this room must be for you!

  33. Oh swoon Michelle, there is so much beauty in your studio! I'm so inspired after seeing all of this. I need to make something! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful world.

  34. Hello Michelle,
    Getting in your studio is like opening 'la boîte des trésors'. I love every single detail in it !

  35. Hi Michelle , You are on my blog list again :-) Your :Where Bloggers Create post, just today showed up some houers ago!

  36. Your French cottage studio is like a dream. I love all the white on whites so French and fresh! I adore your quote
    "If it isn't nailed done it gets sprayed " Did you get a chance to go to the Puces flea market in Paris ? Your white relics remind me of going to clingincourt and
    wandering in and out of the famous booths .I am in love with Marie Antoinette and everything French . I loved your ideas and design sense . thanks Pat Beglin

  37. Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! So much inspiration in every corner. Love the little touches and the details are just wonderful. You should make a book of this !! Love Love your room !!! Have a beautiful and creative day.....Chickie Love Love I have to look at it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Every last detail, Michelle...is absolutely lovely! What an incredible sanctuary, guest room, and studio. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded with all of this beauty!!?? I love how many details you shared...such a delight!

    Hope you have a fabulous week! I will be back again, to enjoy this space some more!! Too much fun!
    Blessings and hugs,

  39. Your creative space is absolutely amazing! I love the desk that was your husbands when he was young and also how you have so lovingly and beautifully organized your many wonderful collections. Thank you so much so sharing so generously through your fantastic photos.

  40. Oh - How I would love to stay in that guest room.
    Your work room is beautiful Michelle - so much wonderful stuff to create with. Love your inspiration board and all your glass jars with goodies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  41. AAAAHHHHHHHH! I feel so rested after my stay in that lovely bed! Thanks for having me! Your studio is simply beautiful. Heaven on earth! Truly a gorgeous and restful space. And I especially adored your "curbside found" treasures. I am apt to rescue those treasures myself, so I appreciate them all the more. Thanks for sharing, now I am feeling the need to spruce up my own space!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love "Follow Your Dreams" and that mantle above your desk is fabulous!! The cutest studio ever! So loaded with treasures!


  43. Oh my goodness, your room is absolutely gorgeous, Michelle! I am speechless! I wish that you could come and decorate my crafting room! I see so many wonderful ideas here, so many things that I love. I would have a blast playing in your studio! Just amazing!

  44. It's all so amazingly beautiful, as I knew it would be. What an inspiring space to create in.......:).
    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  45. Breathtaking Creative Space. Very ethereal and dreamy. Thank you for sharing your blissful glorious guest room.

  46. OH MY MICHELLE!!! i would NEVER want to leave this roomunless of course the rest is....... one could only imagine. ok youve teased us. bring it on, we need to see the rest. gracious love is in that room.

  47. I SO admire that you can restrict yourself to a neutral color palet. I wish I could do that. It is simply stunning!! Thank you for sharing.

  48. Your studio and guest room is just so adorable, chère Michelle. I love all your gorgeous furniture pieces, storage solutions and your wonderful supplies. The laces, OMG, the laces... If I were your guest, I wouldn't sleep but play the whole night. If you want your treasures to be untouched by your guests, you better only invite guys to sleep in there, LOL. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous space!

  49. WOW!! No more words needed. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  50. Michelle your studio is stunning! It is dreamy, serene, and inspiring. I am always torn between the shabby look which I love and the ethereal white decor that is so beautiful as well, and your studio would be the very reason why I would change it all to whites and creams! SIGH!!

    xo, abby

  51. Michelle,

    This has to be my fav of all studios. Every inch makes me wanna go ahhhhh. So relaxing, so serene, and so beautifull with whites. I just love your style.


  52. Michelle, I had to come right over and tell you I was just tickled pink by your wonderful comment. My fault for not telling you before now, and I thought I already was one of your devoted fans. I made it official, but I really have been coming to see your blog for quite a while and your comment just means the world to me. You are such a creative soul, I am in awe of all the beautiful things you make. Your creative room is just so darling, even your whatnot and stash holders are decorative. Enjoy your week.

  53. WOW -this is breathtaking, every time I thought that was my favorite picture another one came! SO many wonderful details! I would love to have a room like this one day - maybe when all the kids move out!! Ha ha!

  54. I am speechless! Such beauty. And you are so well organized. Definitely and inspiration to me. Many thanks for sharing.

  55. wow!!! this is THE most gorgeous room ever!!!!!

  56. ...sigh...
    This is just wonderful, magical and so beautifully you!
    How can you get anything else done ~ I'd want to spend so much time in there!
    Thank you for sharing Michelle (I'm going back to peek again!)!

  57. Oh Michelle where to begin....Your St. Theresa is stunning, never have seen a more beautiful piece. As mentioned before to admire your religious pieces genuinely soothes the soul. The blissful, serene feeling envoked by the shades white and your collection always takes me to a wonderful place in my day. So many memories surface as I look at the crosses, scapularies, and all the other spiritual vintage pieces that have graced memories of my family members who have passed. Bits and pieces of religious goods given to me and my relatives by sisters who resided at our family parish in South Bend, how I wish I still had all them. One thing that also caught my eye today was the white satin First Communion ribbon that was a arm band worn by boys on their special day. When my son Michael made his communion in the nineties the church choose to no longer have these, I myself designed and made my son his own,how I cherish that little handmade piece now that he no longer is with us! Thank you Michelle again for letting me embrace the beauty of your home nad collections, I am beside myself with a warm joy upon my heart, Lori

  58. Your studio is a place of dreams and peaceful bliss. I could move in tomorrow and be content.
    Jean in Virginia

  59. abso-tootly incredible! your attention to detail is amazing! you inspire me soooo....

  60. Oh my goodness my friend...I'd best not be your guest in that beautiful bedroom/studio, lest I wear out my welcome by never leaving! It is an amazing reflection of all that is you...beautiful, thoughtful, detail oriented, and spiritual.


  61. Even more beautiful than i imagined - i want to visit one day!
    all my love,

  62. May I just say "lovely"
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  63. What a lovely place and so thoughtfully organized - love your St.Therese!

  64. Michelle everything is inspiringly beautiful. You have shared so many creative ideas with us for which I thank you.
    Love the mantle with dear Vicki's hand knitted nestie taking pride of place!
    Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    Many blessings,

  65. It just takes my breath away,Michelle.Pure magic.Thanks so much for the tour.

  66. Oh, Michelle!! Wow, wow, wow!! So very pretty, so organized, and so many sweet details!!! I just love every single bit of your gorgeous studio!!! I feel a pinning spree coming on!

  67. What an absolutely gorgeous room, Michelle! I am in love! : ) How calm and serene it is. I love all your supplies and storage pieces. Everything on display is beautiful and inspirational. Love the labels you made for your containers. This is such a great room! Thank you for sharing your creative space!

  68. Gorgeous room Michelle! You have really done everything beautifully! Especially love Vicki's nest....I have a green one she gifted me with a couple years ago.

    Love the labels from Karen, looks awesome! Thanks for Sharing!


  69. Michelle, heavenly is the only way to describe your studio!!! I love the labels you made for your jars and all the goodies you have to play with bring out my envious side!!! (In a good way of course) Thank you sooooo much for joining the party and inspiring me and so many others!!!!

  70. I swoon at all the lovelies you have scattered about your room of white! C'est tres charmante! The chenille blanket pieces held with rosettes to hid treasures.... the ruler markings on the drawer... your inspiration board (could spend hours there!) the handle of the ironstone lid that supports a wire card holder... the tags on the drawers with the visual reminders of what's inside..... My, my, my! All so delightful! Thanks for sharing and I will return again. When you get a moment I would love to have you stop by my blog and see my space. Would you like a cup of tea while we chat??!!

  71. Oh my goodness - how long did it take you to create that room - with all that stuff? I can't imagine! You are not only creative...but very well organized. i could use a liuttle bit of that organization!! It's beautiful!

    And how long did it take you to download all those photos - edit them - and write this blogpost. Amazing!!! Really wonderful and a treasure for all of us. It should be bookmarked by everyone in the creative field.

    Thanks for sharing....



  72. Michelle, I'm SO glad that you found me, too! (thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) I'm now following you back-LOVE your style and your blog!! I think I died and went to heaven, and woke up in your studio! It's THAT amazing :)

  73. Such a beautiful creative space!!

  74. I literally cried as I looked through this post of your most precious and blessed studio. Not only pretty, but so many gorgeous religious treasures, so many statues of Our Lady, of saints and angels and of course, crosses and crucifixes! It made my heart soar to see these religious articles displayed in such beauty, truly it seemed like a piece of heaven on earth. I don't know where you find such items, I wish I could find such things as they inspire my soul so!

    I have never been to your blog before, but I am certainly following you now. I cannot wait to see more of what you create as well as what you write. I feel I have found a kindred spirit.

    Thank you so much for sharing this sacred space. It meant more to me than you will ever know.


  75. Maybe last but not least...just had to have my say on all the beauty to be found here in your lovely studio! And let me just tell "everyone", as one who has seen this loveliness in person, you can't believe the feeling you get when you step into the doorway of this little piece of heaven on earth!! I think I actually dropped my keys and stood there with my mouth hanging open. Michelle, you not only have a gorgeous home and scrumptious creations, but surround yourself with so much beauty and inspiration in your studio...it's such a mirror image of the loveliness "within" you. I adore all your labels, the way you beautify every single inch of your space...from storage to supplies, EVERYTHING. No item has been left out, no stone unturned...everything has been touched with the "wand" of your uniqueness and beauty. I must say, I covet this room and everything in it. You are leagues above the rest, and if they give an award for best studio in "where bloggers create", you have my vote a million times over.
    Blessings & hugs,

  76. What a treat this has been this morning...so much beauty to gaze upon..you have done a wonderful job with this space...it is so YOU! It inspires me to keep working on mine:)

  77. Your studio is very beautiful, calm and organized. Very different from mine. Mine looks like a garage sale exploded. LOL

  78. Sigh...every detail...so utterly delightful! Oh how I dream of transforming our guest room into my studio! I will certainly come back to your beautiful space for inspiration!!

    Just gorgeous!

  79. And a year later....still wowing the guest you have invited in....thanks for the inspiration! Now ...to figure out how in the world you created those beautiful labels....Magnificent creative space. Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  80. Hi Michelle,
    Your studio/guest room REALLY speaks to my heart. its everything I love. From you using your life long collections, to everything being white/gray, to how you put so much of yourself into your space to create your beautiful treasures. You truly have the magic touch. Thanks so much for sharing your personal space. If I could redo my little space where I create, I would follow your lead, and put my own twist on it. You are one talented little "French Angel". Keep up the good work with a cheerful heart, and an open spirit.
    From one crafter to another
    Carolyn Miller at cuptonmillerlpn@yahoo.com

  81. Your room is magical! LOVE every special detail and your lampshade is very creative and stunning!

  82. One of the prettiest blogs I've ever seen!

  83. I'm revisiting this post of your stunning studio/guest room Michelle. I am awed by how beautiful everything is. I want to get a can of white paint and paint everything in sight now! Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  84. You're lovely space has left me utterly breathless! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration! 💟
    Blessings ~ Nina, Farmhouse Junk


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