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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday mes amies.
I'm sharing some tresors that I found this past week-end while out "junkin" with two very dear friends (I'll be posting all about THAT adventure real soon...) and while shopping at some of my favorite "locales of interest"....

Love all of these "crazed" pieces of china....

..this one had the sweetest fleur-de-lis pattern on the rim (Susan was kind enough to dig it out for me and even kinder NOT to add it to her OWN pile of goodies!)

...love the detail on this one.

What would a day of junkin be without purchasing a doorknob 
or two....

I've wanted one of these marmalade jars forever!!

Found it at "Thoroughly Antiques" in Concord...

And old photographs always "speak to me".....

Found these gorgeous authentic French labels there as well....

These vintage crochet spools were quite a steal at The White Elephant in Essex....
I found the trio of cabuchons at Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley...so sweet!

I've been on the hunt for old Holy Water Fonts for a little while now and was lucky enough to snag this one for a dollar!

Beautiful Paper cross made by Beth at "Nesting On Main" in Concord....

Found this gorgeous chippy column at Pettengill Farm Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury after the Todd Farm/White Elephant outing. (I'll reveal it in its' entirety in my next post)....

And this sweet finding is called a "Mermaids Purse"....so petite. Inside was a tiny white seashell. It, too, was found at "Nesting."

Lastly....I made a few more Inspiration Holders to add to my ETSY shop....

"The Flirt"

"So Divine"

"Petit Fleur"

Happy White Wednesday mes amies! 
I'm partying with Kathleen at Faded Charm Cottage ...
won't you join me for more inspiration in white?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. LOVE the marmalade jar, especially!

  2. LOVE that crazed china.Those are my favorites!So many wonderful finds.Love the chippy column too!

  3. Great finds and my favourites are the vintage crochet spools!!!! Love them!!!

  4. Great finds, as always. Love the embellishments on the string, and I spy angel wings. Cute!

  5. OMG Michelle! You find such amazing things when you hunt and gather. I love the photos of the beautiful women in their white dresses!

    Your new inspiration holders are so lovely!!!! You are such a talent my friend.
    hugs from me...

  6. I'm crazy about those crazed pieces Michelle - I love being able to see these items here in your lovely home after watching you seek them out. The cabuchons are so pretty and I'm loving your new IH's. Okay - that chippy column? To die for! Now I'm anxious to see what else was at the vintage fair....on pins & needles for your next post. :)

  7. Oh yeah....love it all!! SO happy you got a marmalade jar..xoxo

  8. Oh my friend...what beauties you've posted. I'm still flying high over our wonderful "pickin" day. What great fun!! I'm thinking now that I should have taken a pic of you carrying that column...it was waaay bigger than you. Can't wait to see where you decide to put it in your gorgeous home. Thank you for EVERYTHING and I'll be emailing you soon.
    Love and Blessings,

  9. Wonderful finds, as always, your images are beautiful. xo Rhonda

  10. Your finds are totally amazing, chère Michelle! I'm absolutely in love with the photographs. Ladies in white dresses are my favorite motives. The ones you found are just gorgeous! The pharmacy labels are phantastic too.
    Your inspiration holders are fabulous as always!
    Happy White Wednesday :-)!

  11. Ok...I'm pouting and smiling at the same time!
    Loving all your finds but sad I missed out on all the fun!
    Happy WW ~ it's a beautiful day!

  12. Happy WW Michelle.Your finds are all wonderful and I just adore your photos.

  13. You always find the most beautiful things, Michelle! I love the old photos of the ladies in summer dresses.
    Have a lovely one, my friend!
    ~ Zuzu

  14. GREAT POST:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

    If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  15. I love your marmalade jar! I was obsessed with marmalade when I was little, I ate it on toast with butter all the time:) I think I need to buy some! The doorknob is gorgeous!!!

  16. Such beautiful photography. Lovely.

  17. I love your sweet finds.Your creativity is amazing. Love love love it !!! Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  18. I love all the pretty treasures that you found!! You hit the jackpot. I love days like that.
    ~Enjoy the rest of your week

  19. Dear Michelle-Louise
    again I can only sit back ,and look at all your forund treasures with big joy!
    I love the white china, french labels, and the way you decorated so beautifully, the yarn rolls with the cut flowers.And as alwayes your holders are so beautiful.
    I got my Sommerset Life, and have to tell you, taht both artickles are fantastic dear,-I LOVE your wonderful charms, and the box filled with your most lovely and gorgeous creations, such beautiful publications sweetie.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Your finds are amazing as always Michelle!! I rarely find anything french in this neck of the woods. Love that paper cross!!

  21. You are so amazing. I just love everything you display and everything you create. You are always such an inspiration.


  22. Allo! Michelle,

    J'adore! toute les tresors. Your inspiration holders are soooo sweet! I also love the paper Cross and those fabulous photos. All great finds!

    Have a beautiful day! mon ami.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  23. What a great haul, all very pretty.
    Your "French" labels are actually Belgian...!
    You could only find photographs like that in the US (they are beautiful!) because in Europe, people simply weren't affluent enough for snapshots at this period in time - you will likely only find very stern studio shots, like my collection of my German and English family ;) It was only when the Box Brownie became more popular in the 30s that ordinary people began to take more photos and then they are often in a very small format.
    Even when I was born in the mid-60s, my parents could only afford one black/white 35mm film of 24 shots for my first year... fortunately, my mom kept the negatives, so that when I was 25, we made another copy of all the photos, finding those that she had sent away to family at the time and which I had never seen!

  24. Hi Michelle,
    Wow! A Holy water font for $1??? And one that is just so pretty too??? You lucky gal!! The shopping gods were smiling upon you that day. Love all your finds, but that Holy water font, is something to behold! Have a great weekend.

  25. Très beaux objets, merci pour le partage.

  26. The wonderful objects you discover, your styling, and your photography all give me such a lift when I stop by! just floating now...

  27. Hello - I am so very happy to have just discovered You and your Lovely blog! I am now Following by Linky, GFs and eMail... I also grabbed your Blinkie for my blog - I shall enjoy returning soon - It's an oasis of beauty in my not-so-pretty-life at the moment, although I do continue to create beauty even through it all... ;-}



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