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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This past week-end, I had the pleasure of joining my husband in New York where he had been for over a week on business. The weather was just perfect for those long walks exploring this lively and vibrant city. First stop was the utterly inspiring St. Patrick's Cathedral....

It's majestic beauty reminded me of my trip to Italy....

...the architecture was so divine...

~Our Lady Of Guadeloupe~

~St. Therese of Lisieux~

~St. Rose of Lima~

Angels watching over everyone....

We lit candles to remember beloved family members who are now angels watching over US.


Next stop was The Tinsel Trading Company!
I arrived early and had to stand outside until they opened their doors but it was so worth the wait!

There were walls and walls of vintage trims.....

...millinery flowers....

...ribbon spools...

French "Moire"

...and signs of Spring wherever one looked...

...lots of sparkle...

...and glitter....

...and boxes full of the most delightful vintage destash ever!

If you're ever in N.Y. , The Tinsel Trading Company is a MUST SEE! They are located at W37th and 5th Ave. You can read more about their delightful story here: "Tinsel Trading Company."


Next stop was The 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero.
These memorial pools were built over the footprints of The North and South Towers. 

Around the pools are the names of all those souls whose lives were so tragically cut short on September 11th. The air was heavy with the sadness of what happened on that horrific day.

And no trip to The Big Apple would be complete without going to Macy's ....

...and looking up at the beautiful Empire State building!

Tomorrow I am off to Cape Cod with my hubby to celebrate my Birthday!
Adieu mes amies! 
I will visit with you all when I return!


  1. Happy Birthday Michelle! It looks like you had a lovely time in NY. My dad and step mom used to live in New Jersey so I was able to visit many times, my boys and I went up the Twin Towers just weeks before 9/11 and I'm so glad my boys had that opportunity. That shop looks amazing, I can just see you glued to the window waiting for it to open:)

    Have a lovely Bday! BTW...My coasters arrived and I just love them:)

  2. Happy Birthday, Michelle!
    St.Patrick's Cathedral is stunning - your photos are GORGEOUS! Isn't it wonderful that we do have a few fabulous European style cathedrals on this side of the pond (though few they are indeed). Have you been to Saint John the Divine in NYC? And you went to my favorite store... Tinsel Trading! The last time I went there it was Eastertime. I see a glass curio full of wonderful lace trims that wasn't there the last time I visited... I must go back!

  3. Happy Birthday.What a wonderful trip.That church is so beautiful.What a fun store you visited.I could go crazy there.Someday I would like to make it to the memorial.Although it would be very emotional.

  4. All sorts of heaven to behold here. The divine and precious St. Patrick's is breathtaking. You've captured its' essence well.
    And oh, I just know you were in a heavenly place at Tinsel Trading. Were you able to leave there without arms full to capacity? I'm taking in each & every tidbit.
    Happy birthday to you mon amie - have a wonderful trip to the Cape!
    (Oh, and thank you so much for allowing my blog to sit aside your pretty face on Crescendoh today).

  5. Happy Birthday! So excited to see New York, as my daughter and I will be traveling next month there for her choir to sing at the Lincoln Center... Tinsel Trading is a must see after seeing all your beautiful pictures!

  6. Happy Birthday from a new reader.

    I had never seen pictures of St. Patrick's Cathedral before until now. It is absolutely breathtaking.

  7. Hello!

    I thought I would come by and check out what's new!

    ciao bella

    Bella Bliss

    Come and have a peek at my blog if you'd like!

  8. Wow! What an amazing trip! The cathedral is stunning, and I probably would have drooled over everything at The Tinsel Company!

    Enjoy your birthday celebration!
    (my daughter's birthday is today!)


  9. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a very special time. The cathedral is beautiful,your photos are great thank you for sharing them. If I every get to New York I want to check out that store, it looks like it would be so much fun. Take care and have a great week!

  10. WOW-WOW-WOW Michelle! What a tour of New York! Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!
    I am now on sparkle over-load after our trip to TTC...wonderful pictures of it!!!!
    hugs from here...

  11. Happy birthday to you! I really enjoyed all your photos of the cathedral and tinsel trading co. Have a wonderful time.


  12. Wow!!! That cathedral is simply amazing and right up your alley. Sounds like you had a great trip. I've always wanted to go....maybe someday:-)


  13. gosh isnt that cathedral gorgeous.. i was able to visit it once when i was in ny.. thank you so much for the photos.. i wasnt able to take any when i was there...
    happy early birthday.. hope you have many blessings..
    and ohh id love to see that store.. i think id love to live there for a few days.. to see everything.. lol
    thanks for sharing... and big ladybug hugs..

  14. Happy Birthday! Hope you both have a great time. Your photos are beautiful! How happy I am to see my beautiful holder many times a day. It reminds me of of our family connection.
    Thanks for keeping posted about your very creative life.
    Love to you and M!

  15. The best of birthday wishes to you !! Have a bright and beautiful day. Enjoy !!The church is absolutely breathless. Oh.. My gosh I love the little details .It shows that much more the creativity and workmanship that is put into it. So stunning.The city is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share. Have fun....Chickie

  16. I loved your photos from Tinsel Trading. Did you pick up lots of treasures? I would not know what to buy. That's what happens to me when there is too much to choose from. lol

  17. Happy Birthday sweet Michelle!! It looks like you are having a fabulous time!!1 One of the things I wish we had here in the west are old buildings and old churches with all of the fabulous architecture of the east. I could just sit in those old churches and soak up all the atmosphere all day!! And well... that shop! Oh my. I would have walked out of there flat broke!!!
    Enjoy your time with your hubby!!!!

  18. What an amazing NYC trip! Your photos are very special. You captured your trip so beautifully.

    Now, I know I told you I have enough supplies but I DO NOT...that Tinsel Trading Co. is amazing. I agree with the comment above me, I would have been carrying all I could. xo Rhonda

  19. I absolutely loved all your photos--thank you for sharing them! I especially loved the cathedral--I visited this cathedral once with my grandmother back in the 1960s. St. Therese is one of my favorite saints--I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  20. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Dear Michelle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
    Sending all good wishes to a special friend on your upcoming - very special day!
    Love, C

  21. Awesomeness! Enjoyed this...I didn't know about the Tinsel Trading when I went to NY but if I ever have the chance to go again that'll be a must stop for sure! Love your pics of the cathedral, gorgeous!

  22. Dear Michelle
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday 14th March and many more to come!
    Mine is on Monday so we're both Pisces!
    I loved seeing NY with you and felt very priviledged to peep inside St Patrick's Cathedral for the first time - I felt I could have been in Notre Dame, Paris.
    I often look at Tinsel Trading's website, but to actually step inside their doors must be the ultimate for creative souls such as us! What did you buy???
    Wonderful images as always on your posts Michelle.
    Shane from New Zealand

  23. Happy Birthday Michelle - I hope you have a wonderful day!
    The pictures in this post are all amazing. The cathedral is awe-inspiring, and Tinsel Trading is ooh - inspiring... I would be broke if I ever made it into that store; how do you ever decide?!?

  24. Oh my gosh Michelle, What a glorious Cathedral.
    Tinsel Trading you'd have to drag me out kicking and screaming! DROOL!!!!
    And all the sites Of NY. What a wonderful trip that must have been. Now your off to Cape Cod, Girl you live right!!!
    Have a Wonderful Birthday and a Fabulous time.
    Hugs Lynn

  25. Happy Birthday!

    Wow, you really saw the highs and lows of NYC. And Cape Cod too?! Plus your adventure with your Picker Sister! Oh, well, I won't feel too sorry for myself since my sister is coming to town to do some picking with me at Round Top soon.

    So curious to see what will be in your etsy shop when it comes back.

  26. Happy Birthday! Michelle,

    Omg! the St. Patrick's Cathedral is absolutely beautiful! All the places you visited in the Big Apple are amazing! Love those photo shots :o)

    I bet when you were like a kid at a candy shop in the Tinsel Trading Co. lol I certainly would be ;o)

    Wishing you the best B-Day ever! Let the celebration begin... Have fun! mon amis.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  27. What a lovely post! St. Patrick's Cathedral reminds me so much of the cathedrals in Paris -Notre Dame and St. Chappelle. It is just beautiful. And I've always wanted to visit Tinsel Trading Co. You photos gave me the grand tour. What a great trip. Thanks for sharing it! ~Marti

  28. Oh my! Looks like you had a great time! I wanna go!

  29. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Michelle!!

    Your photos are stunning...I am sure beautiful new tags will be in your shop soon!!

    I have missed so much...off to catch up on your curator gig!!

  30. Isn't that church stunning, you were in my hometown I was born in NY, I'm a Long Island girl!! NY is the best, so many fun spots and great food!! Glad you got to visit, great pics and finds my friend!! Happy St. Patty's Day tomorrow, I'm also Irish!!
    Hugs~~Kim ♥

  31. Happy Birthday and I love these pictures. Especially St. Patrick's. Before I moved away from NY I did get to quickly stop in there - I did not live in the city so I didn't get in there much. I certainly didn't get to enjoy or see all the beautiful statues and saints so I am very happy to see them now through you!!

  32. Tinsel Trading Co. is on my "must see" list. :)
    It looks like you're having a wonderful time! Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Michelle!

  33. Happy happy Birthday week my friend--
    Your New York trip was truly amazing.! I loved seeing the Cathedral-- and nearly lost my mind with the tempting photos from the trading company. I want to go there!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for featuring me in your guest spot this week- today actually is my day! I've watched all week as you have shared your many talented friends and their creations--- I can't believe that I've been included in such amazing company of artists. I am so grateful-- and humbled.

    Sending grateful hugs-

  34. Happy belated birthday to you! What a wonderful pre celebration with a trip to New York. You photos are beautiful...gave me goose bumps.
    I would have gone crazy in that shop.
    Thanks for sharing Michelle.

  35. Bonne anniversaire, mon amie !!! I've been in NY for three times, the last one with my husband, my little son and my parents, last january. It was so cold !... but we had an unforgetable time there. The city always fascinates me, St Patrick is one of the most beautiful cathedrals I've ever seen, so white... Thank you for the info about Tinsel, I didn't know about it... The next time, I already know what I am going to visit as soon as I get there.
    Bisous ;O)

  36. Oh you are so sweet to take us along on a beautiful visual journey of The Big Apple!
    Loved shopping at the tinsel store too...all of those gorgeous white flowers! Thanks for sharing....and for visiting with me too.

    Have a great night.
    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  37. Oh Michelle the Cathedral is so beautiful and you captured it so well with those stunning photos.Visiting Tinsel Trading is on my list of places to see. I probably would pass out from sensory overload lol.

  38. Looks like you are having a wonderful time in New York! The cathedral is breathtaking! And Tinsel Trading Co. looks amazing, too! Enjoy the rest of your vacation and Happy Birthday!!!

  39. A very happy be-lated birthday to you Michelle. Wishing you all the very best now and always. Sounds like your trip to New York was an awesome one.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  40. That shop is to die for. That shop is just so you Michelle. I am drooling big time, and the Cathedral was spectacular also. thanks so much for sharing your fantastic time with us all!

  41. Dearest Michelle, I have been away, and you know why...THANKYOU from my heart for your so sweet words.
    and BELATED CONGRATULASTIONS on your birthday. I dearly hope it was a wonderful day, with your husbond.
    This visit in N.Y. seems to have been just fantastic,dear friend.
    TheCathedral photoes are stunning- and the ones from F.G. --oh what a visit that has been. you must have felt like in a dream, seing all those gorgeous old things.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  42. Happy Birthday Michelle! Sorry I'm a little late on the bday wishes. Hope you had a great one, and judging by these pictures, it looks like you did!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your cathedral pictures and the vintage destash at tinsel trading company has me faint of heart.
    Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing your vacation pics with us!

  43. Thank you for introducing me to Tinsel Trading. What a wonderful store! I have put it on my must see list next time I am your side of the pond x


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