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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Wednesday

It was a perfect Autumn week-end here in New England so I took advantage of the glorious weather to do some shopping at some of my favorite locales of interest. 
Here are a few of my finds....

Delicate lace bundles.

 Just look at this lovely crown and cross design....

 ...and these beautiful lace flowers.

 I just adore ephemera...

 and found a box full of old Mortgages and Deeds.

These are dated 1888 & 1891! Can you imagine??

 I just had to have this serenely gorgeous Mother Mary statue....

 She's the "real deal" too, not a reproduction....made of chalkware.

 I adorned her with one of my favorite set of rosary beads.

I found this chalkware statue as well...

She needs a little TLC but I think she's perfectly imperfect!


Around "La Maison Petite Michelle Louise"

Jars full of my favorite mother of pearl buttons....

Can one EVER have enough of them??

 I found this petite vanity mirror at Home Goods....

 I thought the sweet oiseau at the top was the perfect place to hang some of my handmade necklaces from....

And the spot where the mirror is attached to the stand became the perfect place to hang my bracelets....

 The bar at the bottom of the mirror provided an ideal place for my handmade earrings as well.

(my favorite pair: fashioned out of vintage Ste. Therese medals)

Happy White Wednesday mes amies! If you're looking for more inspiration, head on over to Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage! I'll see you there!


  1. Gorgeous finds Michelle!!! Love the St. Theresa earrings! Your handmade jewelry is so inspiring.
    XXX Ido

  2. I love your handmade jewelry, and your finds. Gorgeous patterns on the lace. Mary is a great find too.

  3. I love your laces. And the statue of Mother Mary is awesome. I also like your vintage earrings. ^_^


  4. I love your finds. You make such beautiful jewelry.

    Have a nice thursday

    Hugs from here

  5. Such beauty in each image, your statues are wonderful and the St.Theresa earrings are so beautiful.

    What a gorgeous White Wednesday you've blessed us with. xo Rhonda

  6. How very beautiful, is your Mother Mary statue, Michelle- a fantastic find- and your earrings are so lovely also, as is the necklaces - you live with so much beauty, dear, thankyou for showing me.
    Hugs from,Dorthe

  7. Oh Michelle!
    What a stunning post....I simply adre white and creamy laces and buttons!
    It would be so much fun shopping with you! I know we'd have a blast unearthing all sorts of treasures from days gone by. Those old deed papers are sweet too....it's sad that these days, official documents and bank papers have to look so plain and ugly. Don't you think it would be more of a pleasure to pay bills if they looked more artful? lol

    Ciao Bella!


  8. I love your jewelry creations too, my artful friend.

    Ciao again

    Creative moi

  9. Love your gorgeous statues. You always have the most beautiful vignettes! Your handmade jewelry is simply gorgeous.

  10. Hi Michelle
    I just love those vintage mortgage sheets!!!
    What a great find
    Happy ww

  11. Wow, you scored! The lace... the deeds... the statues!

  12. My o My i love all of your finds...you lucky thing.

  13. Hi Michelle!
    Loving all your finds...especially the old deeds, how interesting!
    What a beautiful day we had....to stay inside and be creative!

  14. Hi Michelle! I love all your wonderful finds. Such great stuff. I bet shopping with you would be fun. Have a great day.

  15. Beautiful! I have some of those rhinestone beads that are on the St. Therese earrings. They were in my grandmother's button box that I inherited. I was just admiring them the other day and wondering what to do with them. I think you just inspired me!

  16. WE could never go shopping together, we would be scooping up the same treasures! I love everything you bought and I really love your St. Therese earrings... but of course! That Madonna statue is absolutely beautiful! t. xoxoxoxo

  17. Lovely finds and lovely jewelry that you make!

  18. Statue ~ Soooo Jeanne d' Arc... and LoVe the Buttons too...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  19. You found some great things again, Michelle! The laces are beautiful and the old mortgage and deed papers are fantastic. Jars with white buttons just look so pretty, don't they? I love your button bracelet.

  20. Now that was a good day for finding lovely things...I love the Statues...and the documents are gorgeous
    Lynn xxx

  21. Beautiful WW post,Michelle and I love all your great finds!! The lace is to die for.

  22. Beautiful finds Michelle! And I love those earrings.

    Happy WW,

  23. Beautiful pictures...!
    Love all your treasures.
    I'm always so inspired when I visit your blog :)

    Hugs Michelle

  24. Oh Michelle, such beautiful finds! I can't get over that lace with the crown and cross, and I absolutely adore your beloved chalkware statues of Mary. They are simply beautiful!
    No, you can't ever have too many MOP buttons, I agree. And your jewelry is gorgeous! Perfect treasures for WW.
    - Susan

  25. Excellent finds, I would have snapped up those ephemera pieces as well, aren't they just fabulous?

  26. Lovely finds, Michelle! I had to laugh - the handwriting on those old documents looks like the handwriting on my birth certificate! But I'm not quite that old. Te-heee.
    Have a happy one!

  27. loving the crown and cross and all the lovely inspiration here.

    visiting via white wednesday and think you might appreciate my shabby chic giveaway here:


    come visit anytime!


  28. Such yummyness! Love it all. And I do believe that the mirror was made for your jewelry. Makes it look even more spectacular.

  29. Loving every pic of sweet finds. I love those kind of finds.Have a beautiful and creative day... Chickie

  30. Gorgeous photos-- maybe my most favorite yet!! I love the buttons- and the statues-- and your beautiful jewelry. What an incredible collection of photos-- such inspiration--

    A beautiful post my sweet friend--


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