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Friday, August 19, 2011

Along The Coast of Maine

WARNING: This is going to be a lengthy post. Lots of photos to share from my junkin along the Maine Coast as well as from our short getaway to my beloved seashore.

First...some photos of where we stayed....

 Brown's Wharf in Boothbay Harbor is where I spent many a summer as a girl. To come here now, each summer, with my own family brings back such wonderful memories for me.

 I grew up in Maine and have always loved its' quaint fishing ports...

  ....and its' beautiful rocky coast.

Its' rustic and simple beauty has always spoken to my heart.

I will always be that "French Girl from Maine" no matter where I live...

...the salty ocean air runs through my veins and refreshes my soul.

Nestled in the harbor is a beautiful seaside church and cemetery.

The doors are never locked.

It welcomes anyone no matter what the time of day or night.... 

...to stop awhile and reflect.

I often walk amongst the old stones....

...and say a prayer for those souls who have been long forgotten.

Who was "Alevia"?

What were her dreams as a teenaged captain's wife?

Next, we headed to Camden-Rockland, Maine.

 It is another place I often visited as a child.

My beloved father often golfed along its' majestic views....

...and now our son does as well.

We keep his spirit alive....

....by walking along that same shore.... 

...and appreciating all of its' gifts...


One of my very favorite stops along the way to Camden is The Montsweag Flea Market.

It is just north of Bath, Maine and is home to 30 years of family-run flea market vendors. 

I would beg my father to stop there every year....

...to the groans of my siblings....

...who could never understand....

...what I saw in all that "junk."

What I "saw" was beauty....


 ...objects that were well-worn....

...because they were well-loved.

I've always been drawn to things from the past....

 ...I feel a connection to them...
...that goes beyond words.

I try to "honor" them and those whose hands once cherished them....

...by keeping them "alive"....
...in the "present."

One of my favorite finds was this old piece of pressed tin....

...I love its' shabby beauty.

I will use it, for now, as my summer "inspiration board".....

....to hold my most favorite pictures....


...and seaside treasures....

...until it's time.....

...to say goodbye....

...to another summer.....


  1. I have never been in Maine but I always think that would be the place for me to retired. More then anything for my husband. He loves to fish and since Sicily has run out of fish!lol Maine would be my next pick. Love your story and the memories...great idea for the tin ceiling too. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. Michelle, I loved this post. The pictures of Maine, the shore, the church, the beautiful shells (Some heart shaped), your finds(!!!!) from the flea market...I just melted. Good to have you back though. Hugs

  3. Oh sweet Michelle, this post is simply amazing, thank you for taking us on your journey, would love to visit there some day! Your photos are like works of art and tell such a story!! love the shells and the ones that are ♥ shaped!! Enjoy your weekend!! hugs~

  4. I, too, love the Maine coast. I have been to Camden and Booth Bay. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures!!!

  5. What a lovely place and so full of memories. And, you found some real treasures! Things from the past speak to me as well, hard to explain to some, but others understand completely. Glad you had a good time.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed every single photo!

  7. Oh Michelle! What an enchanting vacation, and delightful way to begin to wave good bye to summer. The landscape there is sooo beautiful. I have never been, but have always longed to visit up your way.

    The little fishing villages...fabulously scenic.
    Love the rocky shore, and all the treasures in the water.

    Your drift shells and sea pottery is so pretty!
    And you are just adorable!!

    Love the pebbles in the ironstone, too...love it all!

    Thank you for bringing us along! JOY!!
    Hugs, sweet lady!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. And....the inspiration board is totally cool!
    :o) The magnets you made are really cute!

  9. My family and I are going to Portland, Maine in 2 weeks to visit family. We've never been and we are so excited to see the Atlantic Ocean! From all the pictures I've seen (yours' included - I can't wait to see some lush green).

    Love your summer inspiration board too!


  10. It is all so beautiful Michelle
    It looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time.
    I think that I am most jealous over the fact you get to dress like it is already fall outside :)

  11. I'm in my happy place just looking at everything! Wonderful post!xoxo-cindy

  12. I totally forgot you were going to post this. How lovely, Michelle. Your words and your images touched my heart.

    Yes, I'm back online, the film was not so good, tee hee!

  13. Oh Michelle,
    Such a beautiful post!!! What a wonderful, blissful getaway! Looks incredibly beautiful! You're wearing a jacket, so...much cooler temperatures than we down here in HOT Florida! Thank you for sharing such a sentimental and special trip with all of us here in blogland.
    I especially love the church photos, how wonderful to have a beautiful place to retreat to!


  14. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I love the coast of Maine (and N.H. where we lived for a few years.) My favorite memory is going to Penobscot Bay, 42 years ago!!! My husband was leaving for the Air Force in a couple of weeks and we left our 6 month old with his Nana and Grandad in Mass. and headed north. It was a perfect weekend. How lucky for you it was a yearly get away.

  15. I am headed to the Montsweag flea market today! I loved your beautiful pictures of our Maine coast! You take it so for granted when you live here but I know it is a beautiful place! Remember....once a Maniac ...always a Maine-iac

  16. Oh Michelle,
    I have a love affaire with Maine since the first time I went there.
    I love everything of it- the lights, smells, colors, lighthouses, atmosphere... it will always have a very special place in my heart!
    Hugs and thanks for strolling me down memory lane!
    Monica xox

  17. Bonjour Michelle!! I loved this post! It was so wonderful to see the beauty of the Maine coastline. That is someplace I have never been, but would love to visit. The treasures you picked up along the way were beautiful too. Thank you so much for the lovely tour. I'm glad you are back!!!!

  18. What luscious and inspiring photos here!

  19. Michelle this was such a wonderful journey you took us on. It so reminded me of when I lived on Long Island which I miss so much. There are no beaches here in TN. So I thank you for the memories yours and mine.

  20. Michelle, I enjoyed this post so much, as I do all of your posts. You have such a gift of inspiration in photos and words. It's so nice to have a destination with so much meaning. I, too, am moved by the seashore, and have visited many that are much farther south. I have never been to Maine and it looks lovely.

  21. Hi Michelle, I enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures. The Maine coastline is very lovely and has such great sea treasures to offer. Your flea market finds are wonderful too.
    I saw your door knob holders in the preview of fall issue of Somerset Life. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic and well deserved! I'm very happy for you :-)!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs to you,

  22. Your seaside board looks really good.Pebbles and shells lovely.......and a great place to have lived....ciao Alison

  23. What a beautiful post. I felt your love of home, the sea, family, and the past in every word and picture. Thank you for sharing that passion with us.

  24. Michelle, I dearly loved looking at each of your photos and reading your poetic words! Of course, I was thrilled to see your pretty, happy face too. I was astounded to see the beautiful church with stained glass....and it's always open? That's a rarity these days. I love to look at old tombstones as much as I love museums. So... I'm not the only one who wonders about the history behind the stone. I'm from the New Orleans and it has a French cultural history. Our Parish cemetary has tombstones as early as the 1700's and they're all in French.

    Thank you for the lovely post. I feel like I took a mini-vacation!

    I'm having a problem posting to your Blog. So I'm trying another avenue. Angie (MeriScrapper13.blogspot.com)

  25. I just found your blog and enjoyed all the pictures of Maine, rocks and everything. I collect hearts and noticed that several of the rocks seemed to be heart shaped, that is simply beautiful, love them. Great post. Will follow you. Smiles...Lu

  26. Oh Michelle-
    Maine surely looks very beautiful- what a place to have lived.
    I love the rocky beach, the boats, and the wonderful madonna`s in the church.
    You my dear, looks beautiful,too- and the peeblles in all whits- oh what a fantastic collection you have, Michelle.
    The board is fantastic- a great find.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  27. Maine is beautifully captured in your photos, just lovely! The flea market treasures are amazing.

  28. It must have been wonderful Michelle to re-live all those precious memories as a child, What lovely photos and a beautiful place to grow up in. It looks like you the a great time.
    Welcome back!!
    hugs Lynn

  29. What a beautiful place! I love rocky, cold beaches, I hope you had a great time!
    Have a nice week!
    XXX Ido

  30. What a beautiful post; I am from Maine. I grew up 25 minutes from Camden State Park. I climbed Mt. Battie every season, except Winter. I'm from Searsport...I am so home sick this time of year. No one does fall better than New England. Just my opinion. I have moved a lot of places as a military spouse, so I do have some insight ;D
    I've been transplanted to the south; hubby is in the Navy. I love the sea captain's homes the salty sea air. I am not home till my feet hit the town wharf, it is magically what stirs one's soul~ Congrats on your art being in Somerset!
    I love your inspiration board~

  31. How beautiful Michelle! You look so happy!
    Your new inspiration board is great!
    It was a beautiful summer day in New England today wasn't it?!!

  32. Such gorgeous pictures, you've captured the beauty of the coast so well. I really enjoyed this post and your memories of growing up in such a beautiful area.

  33. Lovely post Michelle. I understand those feelings about vintage things and your special place in Maine. :)

  34. what a beautiful post! I happen to be reading a book that I would not normally even pick up! lol, but someone brought it to work and shared it. It is called The Widow by Carla Neggers and it's actually a good read...It takes place in Maine and I think you would enjoy it...I would be happy to mail it to you when I am done!

  35. I LOVE this post...it is ALL so pretty...from the scenery to your treasures found!

  36. Just found your blog today and what can I say besides I'm beside myself in love with the way you look at things. I have always loved old things for the beauty which they hold in their pasts. Lovely post and blog. I became one of your followers today and can't wait to check in with you in the mornings with my coffee to enjoy some of your loveliness....Tammy


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