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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Le Nid (The Nest)

Several months ago I received an email from a woman named "Vicki." She was enquiring about my handmade clay eggs and wanted to order a dozen as "samples" for her "nests."

"Nests?" I ask. "Yes, I make knitted nests and would like to see if these might 'work" with the ones I make." 

OK..so i'm thinking "knit 1, pearl 2"....yada, yada, yada. And, in my mind, I envision these craftshow-fundraising-kinda-knitted-nests...you know...just a bowl-like knitted piece that if turned upside down would look like a winter "cap."

No problem....doesn't matter WHAT the nests look like...the woman needs my eggs!
So, i send her a dozen and next thing you know, she's placing an order for 60 more! 

"Gotta a lot of nests to make" she says....."limited edition"...."Shorebird-theme"..."big reveal in late October"...yada.,yada, yada.  
Ok....I think i need to see what this is all about so i head on over to her blog...and...
...are you ready for this?....

THESE are her "knitted nests"....
(I hope you're sitting down mes amies).....

My jaw just about hit my keyboard!
Stunning...breathtaking...beyond words...oui??

So Vicki and I become creative friends and she is just as thrilled with my petite hand made eggs as i am with her gorgeous, gorgeous nests (the woman's crazy i tell ya!)! And so the "egg-rolling" begins and as i roll each one out and wait for it to dry i imagine them in their sweet new homes nestled amongst the soft, swirling skeins of yarn and ribbon and bits and pieces of pure loveliness...and I smile.

October 17th  can't come fast enough now as she is revealing her Limited Edition "Shorebird Nests." Only 20 of these one-of-a-kind nests will make their way to homes all across the world and....lucky me...I am one of them! And, yesterday, my sweet, wonderful, breathtaking nest arrives home.....

...and i am speechless...giddy...absolutely overcome with emotion....for this unbelievable tresor....

...and to see 3 of my sweet speckled eggs nestled inside.....

...amongst the silky ribbons....the beads...the pure loveliness...

...and each time i look at it and turn it around and around i see more tresors nestled within its folds....
a string of beads...iridescent sparkles....

...a fishing net filled with the end-of-the-day catch....seashells, sea horses and salt water pearls....


...and vintage treasures...

...#16 out of 20 belongs to me and I am filled to bursting! It will be something I treasure all my life.

Merci...merci...merci Vicki for emailing me all those months ago and allowing me to be part of this amazing journey you are on. What a wonderful ride!


Now, Mes Amies...if you would like to see more of her wonderful story and how these creations come to fruition...please go on over to her blog:

Scroll down to see where she talks about my eggs (shameless plug here)  and....

where she is also giving away one of her soon-to-be-revealed "Harvest Nests."
Let her know that Petite Michelle Louise sent you!
(Ends November 1st)

Her Shorebird Nests are now for sale in her ETSY shop:

And, at post time, there were only 2 nests left! So hurry, hurry if you covet one!

Oh Happy Day!

Avec Amour,


  1. I've been following her blog for a while now, and my jaw also dropped when she posted those gorgeous nests! And to think YOUR EGGS are nestled inside, makes them even more special! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness there are no words to describe how truly delightful these nests are...Your eggs are the perfect final touch. I am off to find her blog and Etsy site. Thank you for sharing this morning!!

  3. ~these are spectaular...exquisite detail she has put forth into each...who would of thought!?! and your eggs are the sweetest addition to such...thank you so for sharing this amazing artist with us...i am off to take a peek at her little place! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Holy cow, those are just stunning!
    I've never seen anything quite like them.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. Oh Michelle,
    These are truly a remarkable work of art!! They are beyond spectacular! I love the nest that you received, it's just beautiful! And your eggs do look perfect in their new home.
    Have a lovely day my sweet friend.

  6. I have drooled over her nests for a loooooong time now, they are just incredible. You are one lucky lady to be the owner of such a glorious piece of art.

  7. Oh my word! These are just awesome! GORGEOUS! A true treasure by 2 very talented artists!!!


  8. OUI OUI tres chic indeed. So many fabulous colors and fibers, you have to look at the photo to absorb it all. Just beautiful.

    What a great team you two are. :)

  9. Goodness Michelle...how uniquely beautiful!! Heading on over to her blog now!

  10. I have been an admirer of Donna's nests for quite some time. She is one talented lady and that your eggs are inside them...even more special!!

  11. Exquisite!! I've never seen such beautiful, elegant bird nests!!!
    Your eggs are perfect for her lovely nests.


  12. My jaw DID hit the floor!!! These were SO not what I was expecting!!!! I was thinking more grandma hat with eggs in it. These are ART! Scrumptious! No wonder she wanted your gorgeous eggs!!

  13. Those are nest in steroids!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!
    Oh la la kind of nests!!!!...and eggs of course!!!!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness, what treasures those nests are....just unbelievable. They are so detailed and your eggs are the icing. I'm headed over to check out her blog.

  15. Dearest Michelle-
    Your precious eggs are the crowning glory to my nests. Thank you for your creativity and for all of your patient work in helping to make this dream come true for me. The shorebirds nests have been a labor of passion for me. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to "our" very special collaboration- the first of many more to come!

    Your blog is so beautiful- I am so honored that you would choose to show my nests here and to share them with your friends. I hope your nest brings you much joy--


  16. Oh my gosh Michelle!!! These are crazy gorgeous! You lucky, lucky girl.
    I'm off to see them for myself.

  17. Wow, The nest are gorgeous! I have never seen anything like these. Your little speckled eggs are perfect for her creations.
    xoxo, Sherry


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