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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fresh Air

Several years ago, I traveled to Italy with my mother and one of my sisters. What I experienced on that trip and everything I saw there has left an indelible impression on me to this day. From the majestic guilded cathedrals to the simple stone houses dotting the Tuscan countryside..I was inspired! In honor of Spring....flowers in bloom... and the pure luxury of being able to open windows and allow the fresh air to fill your home...I am sharing pictures of some of my favorite Italian windows..... 






...and "Bella Nonna Lucia"...my mother.

Happy Spring and may opening windows breathe fresh air into your own homes and lives.

Avec Amour,


  1. Michelle!
    Thank you for your comment! You are so sweet!
    Oh, i would love to go to Italy!
    Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures.
    Gros bisous and have a great day!

  2. WOW! GORGEOUS photography!!! Those are some breathtaking fenetres! lol =) What a treat to be able to see Italy! They do have magnificent architecture over there in Europe, don't they?!

  3. GORGEOUS photography Michelle!! Did you take these pictures? Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  4. Wonderful pictures and beautiful photography.
    I love the one with your Mother in the window, so sweet.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! There are many layers to you. You have passion and it shows in your blog and in your shop. Why can't you live next door? LOL Thank you for sharing these photos, the one of your Mom is unbelievably sweet and I actually gasped at one of the windows. Too pretty.

  6. Oh Michelle,
    I am so envious! {in a good way!}
    My dream is to travel to Italy someday. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it, but you never know. I always believed that God made this beautiful world with the intention for everyone to enjoy it and to visit faraway places if they so choose! So that keeps my dream alive.
    Have a great day! And again, I love my sea treasures. Thank you!!!

  7. Michelle...beautiful photos...beautiful Mom...beautiful wishes to us. Thank you!!

  8. Wow such a lovely, lovely post with such sentiment. Wishing you a joyous spring. It is a special time of year the air smells different and everything is coming back to life and the sun is warm. We are now in Autumn in Australia and heading into Winter. But just reading your post makes me think of spring and feel happy
    Donna xx


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