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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Wednesday

Early last week...late today. Oh my...I need to get my act together on Tuesday nights! Another White Wednesday with Kathleen from Faded Charm. I do LOVE these posts.....here are more pictures from around the house. Warm regards, ~*~*~*~michelle~*~*~*~*


  1. Any girl who displays starfish alongside Eiffel towers is AOK in my book! lol You must have a stunning home! I love your ironstone. =)

  2. Oh, soooo pretty! I would love to stop by with a box full of cookies and visit - your home is lovely!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I am laying low and not leaving as many messages as before, but be assured that your posts are must reads for me. I enjoy your whites and boy did you find the neatest junk along the coast. I think you all over in the east have better junk than here or at least are better at rooting it out than I am. I love seeing the treasures you find.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful words of encouragement.
    I really appreciate your comment about my etsy shop and I hope you are right. I know I just need to be patient and I will.
    I'm glad you came to visit me, because now I am following you. I will be back often to see you too.
    I cannot believe that I haven't seen your blog before. It's so lovely.
    I can't wait to look around.



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