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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Cluttered Creative Mind

Joan over at Anything Goes Here asked in her most recent post : "What do you do when you're not blogging?" Oh my...a loaded questing that one! So...here's a picture of a tray in the workshop where i keep "works in progress." No...this isn't ONE project but close to a dozen of them! I'll confess....I'm one of those creative persons whose mind is quite "cluttered" most of the time. I start one project only to get an inspiration for another and put the current one down to start the "new" one. This goes on and on until i literally have close to a dozen projects in the works and not completed! Somehow though.....i see them to fruition and a new cluttered tray of inspiration begins! Such is the life of the cluttered creative mind! Any kindred spirits out there?

Warm wishes, Michelle


  1. not fair, even your clutter is gorgeous!! i can't wait to see what you create from it all!

  2. I certainly can identify. As you know I am working on projects for this weekend's show within sight of this computer screen. Many projects all sitting together looking like a mess that will all somehow get completed by Friday afternoon... xo Joan, your VCM hostess

  3. Hi and Happy White Wednesday! I just love your blog and all the eye candy you have to share. Your creations are all beautiful!:)


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