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Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Cabinet Door Facelift....

I was ready to give my kitchen pantry doors a fresh coat of paint when I thought I might like to add a little “dimension” to them first.


Faux pressed tin is nice but can be pricey so I decided upon some paintable textured wall paper instead......

I found this roll at Lowe’s....

...I simply measured the length and width of the space on the door that I wanted to cover and then cut the pieces I needed.....

...and then I glued them to the door inserts. 
Yes...I said “glued.” It was a lot easier than using wallpaper primer or  “sizing” and then immersing the paper in water and waiting for the paste to “activate” before applying. 

I just glued around the perimeter of the wallpaper piece and pressed it onto the door. NO having to remove excess paste or dealing with those darn air bubbles. No waiting for it to dry 24 hours before painting....


My doors went from drab to ooh la la in less than an hour!

Wallpaper: “Allen & Roth” ~ “Squares Pattern” found at Lowe’s
Paint: “Bone White” by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss 

Don't underestimate the impact that small changes can make. 
"It's all in the details".
This is an inexpensive and easy-to-do project. 
Why don't you give it a try and see for yourself?


  1. LOVE it! I think I will have to go run out and get some! Have a great week and thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. WOW...I love it!!
    Just when I think you have all the little details down pat, you come up with another fabulous one!

  4. Oh I really love it! It picks up the pattern in the pressed tin metal used in your backsplash. Love your style!

  5. What a gorgeous fix! I have seen this wall paper at Lowe's.....but would never have dreamed to put it on cabinets. Love your wood counters.....we've been remodeling our kitchen since Nov. 2013...haha..so tired of take out!

  6. Beautiful updates Michelle. I agree with you whole-heartedly, small changes can make such a difference.
    enJOY a sweet week,

  7. That looks so pretty. It's the perfect finishing touch.

    xo Danielle

  8. Michelle,
    I love this. They look awesome. That is so clever and so pretty. Great job. Hmmmmm now you have me thinking about doing this. What a nice result with very little effort just clever imagination. You rock girl.

  9. Oh I love the walk paper... What s great idea....

  10. This is so beautiful. Love it.

  11. It adds just the right amount of detail. I love it!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  12. I love this project, it is fabulous!! I am a huge fan of the textured wallpaper. It is nice and thick and adds such dimension.


  13. You are genius!! I love the end result but mostly I am drooling over your amazing vintage hardware on your doors...sigh

  14. Michelle,
    I adore the way the wallpaper tiles and the backsplash tiles
    make a co~hesive look in your kitchen, dear friend!
    When residing on the local economy ine Europe,
    we were given permission to wallpaper the kitchen.
    We wallpapered the ceilings with a patterend white wall paper
    and then we painted over it. The look was quite similar to yours!
    Hm~m~m. . .I'll be scouting around for a space
    where I might incorporate your inspirational decor idea!

  15. Good thinking! I think doing that design on the cabinet doors has definitely given them more texture. I love them! It has a very intricate classic design, which is even more highlighted by the white paint. Good job on that! Kudos! :D

    Nathan Sloas @ Madison Custom Cabinets


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