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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grey Dey Thursdey Flash Giveawey....

Happy Grey Dey Mes Amies...
I’m celebrating “Lucky #7” Grey Deys with a giveawey of this trio of grey beaded bracelets that I’ve adorned with some Jeanne D'arc-inspired charms...

The “rules” are simple....

~ Add a Grey Dey Link to my linky party


~S’il vous plait.....only “grey” posts....

~*~Winner to be announced  tomorrow, 10/18 
at 3:00PM~*~

Merci & Bonne Chance!

P.S. You're automatically entered to win if you've already added a link.


  1. Aww Michelle
    You are spoiling us - I adore your bracelets - thank you for your generous giveaway.
    Bon ne chane everyone.

  2. I was admiring the gorgeous bracelets you showed on your Grey Dey Thursdey post, and now you are giving us the chance to win a trio of bracelets made by you! How very sweet of you, I'd love to wear them.

  3. Uh, hello? YES, I would love to win one, love them so much. You sweet precious girl. Okay, so I haven't had much sleep, forgive me. LOL


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