Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers For Boston....

Please join me in prayer for our beloved Boston and all the people who witnessed this incomprehensible act of violence on so many innocent lives. It is so very tragic and surreal to watch the aftermath of yesterday's events on the news. Please keep the victims and those injured, both in body and mind, in your prayers.



  1. so very sad and have prayed for all of them... and for us as a country hoping this does not continue. im a bit worried about this....

  2. I'm praying with you, my friend. Those streets are so dear to me, I know them like the back of my hand. I detest this presence of such evil among all that innocent joy. Our dear city...it won't ever be the same but it will always have love in it.

  3. We are devastated here in France. Such an incomprehensible violence. all my thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims...

  4. So unbeliavable and so sad, dear Michelle-
    How ununderstandable ,that any person can ever do such an evil thing!
    When will all this violence ever stop!!

  5. I pray for them and I hope that some day this madness ends
    A Hug

  6. Prayers sent . My heart goes out to those who are effected by this . I'm glad you are safe it's such horrible news it effects many people from all over.

  7. As I left for lunch yesterday the radio spoke of an explosion at the Boston Marathon. I was not all prepared for the images I saw online later, too sad and senseless. I cannot believe we are experiencing this once again.

    Sending thoughts and prayers to Boston. Hugs mon amie, I'm sending you hugs.

  8. I love these! You are very talented. Do you have prices for them?

    Thank you,


    1. hey sheila....i went over to your profile but was unable to send you an email. the kits range in price from 12.50 - 20.00. i hope yo see this message!


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