Friday, April 12, 2013

Artful Kits....More To Come....

~*~A Preview~*~

"Merci" for your overwhelming response to my Bookcovers, Bits and Bobs Artful Kits! 
I'm cleaning...creating and sharing at the same time! What fun!
For those of you who inquired about some after they were sold, I am in the process of creating a dozen or so more so do stay tuned. You might also let me know what color schemes you are interested in and I will see what I have to work with.  
Happy week-end mes amies!


  1. Beautiful well I wish I could clean and create.But things are a bit untidy around here as I am gearing for my show!

  2. That is a pretty creation in this photo.

  3. love everything you do. Thank you for the joy you bring to me.

  4. Your kits inspire like no other! I cannot wait to see what you gather from your treasures.

  5. Hello Michelle,
    If you happen to have a kit in white or cream, I would love to have one. Just keep in mind, postage to Canada is much higher. Thanks for keeping me in mind while you are creating and sharing.

  6. Wow! Those kits are so charming and lovely, Michelle! So glad they got scooped up! Some real treasures there!! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Hope your weekend is going well!

  7. Beautiful distraction on this somber happy my daughter missed her alarm this morning!


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