Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paris-Themed Petite Inspiration Box Swap

Way back in April, I participated in my very first-ever Petite Inspiration Box Swap with Heather over at The Speckled Egg. It was a "bird" theme and... anyone who knows me... knows how much i love those sweet "oiseaux." Her most recent swap was a "Paris-themed" one and....well...anyone who knows me knows how much i love all things French-inspired so I joined in again!
Oh.....mes amies....i wasn't prepared for the tres, tres beau tresors i would receive!
Let me share them with you....

I was paired up with Christina ( and Kris ( and both of their packages arrived on the SAME day. It was like Chritsmas morning i tell you!
This is Christina's petite paquet and here' s what it looked like when i opened the outer box....
the contents were wrapped in a vintage French magazine page. (You don't know how carefully i removed the sticker so as to preserve as much of the page as possible!)

...inside was the petite paquet along with some "extra" tresors wrapped in a glassine bag....'s what the outside of her box looks like...french lavender...lace...handmade tag...simply lovely and oh-so-French!

...a different view of her paquet...

...the petite tresors within were wrapped in French pattern tissue paper...

...French lace...vintage buttons...tatted pretties...ephemera...fabric swatches....
...and much more French loveliness.
here's a peek at what was inside the glassine bag....
snippets from a French magazine....
...a vintage French Button card...mon dieu..would you look at those boutons??? And 2 French postcards....

Merci Christina for all the thoughtfulness and care that went into putting together this petite paquet of tresors for me!
"Mon coeur est heureux!"
(My heart is happy!)

Next came Kris's petite paquet. Another moment of pure joy!
Here's what i saw when i opened the outer package...hand stamped ribbon and two sweet images....'s her paquet along with so many extra tresors....
a tres, tres beau handmade tag with vintage lace...and a hankie with some pretties within...
..Kris's gorgeous tag....(and i haven't even opened the petite paquet yet!)
..what's inside this sweetly-wrapped hankie?
...her petite paquet...
wrapped in fabric...lace...a vintage rhinestone button..sweet oiseaux tag..paper flowers....
mon dieu...heavenly!

...the edge of her sweet!

...lost of bits and much to take in...
..the sweetest petite pouch filled with  French lavender...bijoux (jewels)..lace...fleurs....
..another petite pouch...hand stamped..filled with tresors...
cameos...velvet trim....trinkets....

....and here's what was wrapped inside the sweet hankie...buttons..beads...and more bijoux!!

Merci Kris for all the love and thoughtfulness that went into making this petite paquet so special for me!
"Mon coeur est heureux!"

Here's the petite paquet that i put together for my sweet partners...

...I love this image of a French Princess that i saw at The Graphics Fairy recently...i knew she'd be perfect for this swap (merci karen!)

..and here's a look at some of the tresors inside....

Merci to Heather at Speckled Egg for hosting yet another magnifique swap!

Avec Amour,


  1. LOVE the petit box you made Michelle - it´s so beautiful all filled with wonderful goodies. Lucky ones to receive one.
    I would have loved to participate if it wasn´t for that vacation - oh well. hope there´ll be another one.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful day
    xo Tina

  2. Looks like a fabulous swap - you've received some beautiful Frenchy treasures!

  3. So many beautiful treasures.....I simply adore these boxes and all they carry inside.

    I keep all of mine in plain view to admire. Dare I use the contents....not just yet. :)

  4. What beautiful treasures received and sent!! I am looking forward to the fall when I have more time to join in on such wonderful fun! Happy Fourth Weekend dearest Michelle!

  5. Michelle, I'm so glad you enjoyed your box! thank you for a wonderful swap and Happy 4th! Kris

  6. These are all gorgeous Michelle!!!!!! I would love to participate in one of these someday. What fun!!
    Happy FOURTH!!

  7. So happy to have found you!! A lovely blog!!

  8. Michelle,
    Girl, you know how to fluff up a matchbox! That is absolutly yummy, every bit of it. Lisa


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